Sunday, June 10, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: June 10th

Happy Sunday, peeps.  Once again I have six sizzling sentences to bring to you as part of my participation in SSS.  I surely do appreciate that everyone has taken the time to stop by my blog and ask that you return the favor by hitting up the rest of the SSS-er's. They can be found HERE. I can guarantee there's gotta be something that appeals to everyone's taste. :D  With that being said, lets the sixing commence.  Below I've taken six sentences from my current WIP or should I say in editing  stage,  Healer's Touch, Part Two, which will be coming out in July from Excessica Publishing.  This scene is from Chapter Two.  Kat and Charlie are attending a high council meeting about their upcoming nuptials - and sparks fly. Enjoy! 

“Excuse me, but what wedding tour are you talking about?” Sitting in the conference room, Kat shifted uneasily as several of the Council members turned to glare at her. They were acting as if she’d burst in on some secret meeting to simply ask where the bathroom was, when they were the ones debating on which country to invite to her nuptials to Charlie, and which they’d visit on their wedding tour. Refusing to cower, she held her chin up. This was the first time she’d heard anything about a blasted wedding tour and surely she had some say on where she and Charlie went on their honeymoon. Especially since I’m the one getting married. 


  1. Good for her! She should have some say on the matter - love a strong heroine! Great six...

  2. Yes, she does have a say! WTG for sticking up for herself! :)

  3. Oh man, that sounds like an explosion in the making, Dakota. Fun six. :)