Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Random Tuesday {12}: Inquiring Minds

So I went and did it.  I not only joined my local bdsm community, I decided that attending a sub forum would be a good idea.  (This is quite the step for me - I'm an introvert from the word GO.) Anyhow, I went last week, had a great time, but somehow managed to get myself roped into leading a discussion group next month.  So I'm freakin - just a little! 

I know I shouldn't be. I love the peeps I've met. They are all a great group of new friends that I can really relate to and are very welcoming. It's just this damn shyness.  I feel like I'm in speech class all over again.  It's crazy.  I'm a 40 year old woman, not sixteen!   However I will not let that stop me, since I love the topic that I'm going to be presenting: body modification.

And before everyone goes "Ew...are we talking gauges and split tongues..." back up the bus.  Body modification ranges from ear piercings at the simplest form to dermal, gauges, and tattoos at the far end.  

But I'm not going to get on my soapbox about the freedom of expression or how it's art...instead I'm going to beg for some input.  I want to make my presentation fun but informative.  So I inserted a poll below.  If you have the time and the inclination, take it.  It's completely anonymous and I'll be using the figures from it to give a broad picture of how peeps see piercings, and other body modifications to the group.  :) 


Do you have any piercings?

Thinking about it.

Do Quizzes

Do you have tattoos?

Yes, I just got my first one
Yes, the more ink the merrier!
Nope, too chicken...
Thinking about it.

trivia quizzes

Are you in an alternative lifestyle?

Yes, I love kinky things!
Nope, being vanilla is great!

Poll Maker

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday Moans {15}: Damn, Carlos!

Was working on the last two covers for my Doms of Chicago series, and this man just screamed that he was Carlos, the ever present doorman at Olivias....


What do you think? 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Don't forget to stop and VOTE!

Okay, before you go and all lynch me for jumping on the political wagon, WAIT!  While I'm a strong supporter of our electoral process, this voting isn't going to require you spend hours caucusing or even leaving your home to stand in line at the election booth. Nope, what I'm asking will only take a few minutes of your time, and be painless...promise!  

Some of you may have heard that the wonderful Dawn Roberto, over at LRC (Love Romance Café) is once more hosting her annual "Best of...." Awards and it's now time for the 2015 edition.  That means you romance readers, (and even some of you nonreaders) are going to see your facebook feeds blow up with...please vote for me please from us hard working authors over the next few days.

It is quite the honor for us authors to be nominated for these awards because it's YOU the readers who nominated us.  With that being said, I can't tell you how much that means to me to be included with all the other wonderful authors who strive each day to entertain you.  

This year, I have the pleasure of having three nominations, but just to show I support EVERYONE who got nominated, I've reposted the list that Dawn was so nice to provide us with...and ask you to do this...please take a second, hop over to LRC's yahoo group and vote for your favorites... and if I happen to be one of them - thank you!  

But before you go, here are the instructions that Dawn gave us. Be sure to follow it too the letter, or your votes won't count!

The voting will begin at 1pm est (USA) on Tuesday February 16th at the LRCafé Yahoo Group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/loveromancescafe) and run to February 20th. Polls will close on Feb. 20th at midnight so make sure to get your votes in.

Best of 2015 Award Nominees
Best Fantasy/Steampunk Book
Shadow Play by Maria V. Snyder (Harlequin)
Nyx’s Pixie by KM Mahoney (Totally Bound)
Blood of Solar by Alexis Duran (Loose Id)
Iron & Ether by August Li (DSP)
Keys by Amber Kell (Dreamspinner Press)
Caught in a Snowstorm by Ann Anderson (MLR Press)
Bind Me by Marie Medine (Evernight Publishing)
Scarlett Hood & the Hunter by Pumpkin Spice (Evernight Publishing)

Best Contemporary Book

Giving into the biker by Sam Crescent (Evernight)
Break Me by James Cox (Evernight)
Misfits by Garrett Leigh (Riptide)
Secrets Dispatched by Raven McAllan (Totally Bound)
Bind by Sierra Cartwright (Totally Bound)
Take the Long Road Home by JA Rock (Loose Id)
Ripples in Cedarwood by Megan Slayer (Loose Id)
Fire & Ice by Andrew Grey (Dreamspinner Press)
How to be a Normal Person by TJ Klune (Dreamspinner Press)
Storming Love: Jackson & Nick by Laura Baumbach (MLR Press)

Best BDSM/Kink Book

For Real by Alexis Hall (Riptide)
The Subs Club by JA Rock (Riptide)
Make Me Soar by KC Wells (Dreamspinner Press)
Red Skye By Night by Ashe Baker (Totally Bound)
Love Matters by Sean Michael (Totally Bound)
Trust and Consent by Megan Slayer (Liquid Silver)
Met Her Match by Sierra Cartwright (Loose Id)
Someone to Keep Me by KC Wells & Parker Williams (Dreamspinner Press)
Leather Nights by Alex Ironrod (MLR Press)

Best Anthology

Hope & Love Anthology by Tempeste O’Rielly
Wild After Dark by multiple authors (Totally Bound)
Unconventional in San Diego (Pride Publishing)
Mythologically Torqued Vol. 2 (Torquere Press)
Tales of the Curious Cookbook by Amber Kell, Mary Calmes, Amy Lane& RJ Scott (Dreamspinner Press)
Travels through the Scarlet Equinox by Freddy MacKay, Angel Martinez, Toni Griffin & J. Scott Coatsworth (Mischief Corner Books)
Bad Alpha anthology-multiauthors (Evernight Publishing)

Best Book of 2015
Blue-Eyed Stranger by Alex Beecroft (Riptide)
Releasing Rage by Cynthia Sax
Make Me Soar by KC Wells (Dreamspinner Press)
Texas Wedding by RJ Scott (Love Lane Books)
Command by Sierra Cartwright (Totally Bound)
Big Man on Campus by Carol Lynne (Pride Publishing)
Driven by Fire by Draven St. James (Loose Id)
Knight of Ocean Avenue by Tara Lain (Dreamspinner Press)
Anything For You by Kristin Higgins
Fallout- Flight HA171 by Meredith Russel (Love Lane Books)
Devoted In Death by JD Robb
Boyfriend Forever by Diana DeRicci (MLR Press)

Best Series
Blue Water Bay- multi-authors (Riptide)
Collars & Cuffs by KC Wells (Dreamspinner)
Penny Maker Tales by Tara Lain (Dreamspinner Press)
Quantum Force by Marie Force
Drunk Monkey Series by Tymber Dalton (Siren Publishing)
Crescent City Creatures Series by Samantha Stone (Liquid Silver)
Black Hills Wolves- Multi-authors (Decadent Publishing)
1NS Series by multiple authors (Decadent Publishing)
Yuletide Knights Series by Johnny Miles (Loose Id)
Frankie Series by Sue Brown (Dreamspinner Press)
The Lusty, Texas Collection by Cara Covington & Morgan Ashbury (Siren)
Storming Love Series: Wildfire- multi-authors (MLR Press)
Montgomery Ink Series by Carrie Ann Ryan (Carrie Ann Ryan Publishing)
Bad Oak Boys by Erin M. Leaf (Evernight Publishing)
Best M/M Book

Lessons of Survivors by Charlie Cochrane (Riptide)
Part & Parcel by Abigail Roux (Riptide)
A Better Man by Jaime Reese
Lost in the Fire by Draven St. James
Carry the Ocean by Heidi Cullinan (Samhain)
Building Bonds by Morticia Knight (Pride Publishing)
Jefferson Blythe, Esquire by Josh Lanyon (Carina Press)
Make Me Soar by KC Wells (Dreamspinner Press)
Roped by SJD Peterson (Dreamspinner Press)
Happy’s Ever After by Stormy Glenn (Siren)
Rock Star Baby by Erin M. Leaf (Evernight)

Best Historical Book

Lessons of Survivors by Charlie Cochrone (Riptide)
Mastering Love by Morticia Knight (Totally Bound)
Taming Saffina by Flora Dain (Totally Bound)
What the Marquis Sees by Amy Quinton (Liquid Silver)
Letters from a Cowboy by Sue Brown (Dreamspinner Press)
Skid Row Serenade by JS Cook (Dreamspinner Press)
Valens The Fletcher and His Captive by Lindsay Townsend (Bookstrand)
A Knight for the Doctor by Adonis Deveraux (Evernight Publishing)
Compromised by Raven McAllan (Evernight Publishing)

Best Interracial/Multicultural Book
Branded by Fire by Aliyah Burke (Totally Bound)
When Dove Cries by Beth D. Carter (Totally Bound)
On the Run by Michael Mandrake (Pride Publishing)
Kotoris Sacrifice by Dakota Trace (Decadent Publishing)
Stepping Stone, Not Doormat by Karenna Colcroft (Loose Id)
Keeper of the Flame by Stephanie Burke (Loose Id)
Starting Over by Marteeka Karland & Sharon Azord (Changeling Press)
Dasher by Avril Ashton (Evernight Publishing)
Murder & Mayhem by Jennifer Macaire (Evernight Publishing)

Best F/F Book
Bound with Love by Megan Mulry (Riptide)
A Kiss is a Kiss is a Kiss by Destiny Moon (Pride Publishing)
Time for Teri by Roslyn Bane (liquid Silver)
Exposing Ellen by Skylar Kade (Decadent Publishing)
Cupid, Mardi Gras and Auld Lang Syne by Katlin Maitland (Loose Id)
Noble Persuasion by Sara Gaines (Harmony Ink)
Blue Jeans and Sweatshirts by Jo Ramsey (Harmony Ink)
Best Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Book
Base Instincts by Larissa Ione (Riptide)
The Shadows by JR Ward
Driven Snow by Tara Lain (DSP)
Sated by Lucy Felthouse (Totally Bound)
Her Demon, Her Angel by Kari Thomas (Liquid Silver)
Shifter Magnetism by Stormie Kent (Loose Id)
Holly of Dark Haven by Belinda McBride (Loose Id)
Rare as a Unicorn by Stephanie Burke (Changeling Press)
Turquoise Trail by Julia Talbot (Changeling Press)
Spell Bound by Jacob Z. Flores (Dreamspinner Press)
Manny’s Heart by K-Lee Klein (MLR Press)
Wolf’s Heart by Desiree Holt (Decadent Publishing)
All I need by Eden Ashe (Decadent Publishing)

Best Western/Cowboys Book
Belt Buckles and Cowboy Boots by Bailey Bradford (Totally Bound)
The Outrageous Offer by Aurelia T. Evans (Totally Bound)
City Country by BA Tortuga (Totally Bound)
Frozen Peach by Kaitlin Maitland (Loose Id)
Breeding Season by Vonna Harper (Loose Id)
Saving Faithless Creek by Andrew Grey (Dreamspinner Press)
Bound to Fall by Jaime Samms (Dreamspinner Press)
The Shearing Gun by Renae Kaye (Dreamspinner Press)
Playing with Fire by Desiree Holt (Decadent Publishing)

Best Author of 2015
RJ Scott
Sue Brown
Dakota Trace
Cara Covington
AJ Llewellyn
Edward Kendrick
Angel Martinez
Sierra Cartwright
Cara Carnes
Desiree Holt
Laura Baumbach
Megan Slayer
Jessica E. Subject
B.A. Tortuga
Best Ménage Book

Second Son by Elle Q. Sabine
Twice Upon a Blue Moon by Helena Maeve (Totally Bound)
Taken In by Wendy Zwaduk (Totally Bound)
Falling by Belinda McBride (Pride Publishing)
Eyes Wide Open by Lucy Felthouse (Pride Publishing)
Love Under Three Valentinos by Cara Covington & Morgan Ashbury (Siren)
The Trail Back by Ashley Malkin (Siren)
Flames of Desire by Leah Brooke (Siren)
Own Her by Jenika Snow (Evernight Publishing)
Claimed by her Bears by Doris O’Connor (Evernight Publishing)

Best Science Fiction/Futuristic Book
Releasing Rage by Cynthia Sax
Lovin’ the Odds by Vicky Burkholder (Liquid Silver)
Coletti Warlords: Just Desserts by Gail Kroger (Loose Id)
Chasing Secrets by Mychael Black (Changeling Press)
Brielle and the Alien by Jessica Coulter Smith (Changeling Press)
Rise and Fall by Charlie Cochet (Dreamspinner Press)
Desert World by Lyn Gala (Dreamspinner Press)
Oracles Child by Sandra C. Stixrude (Mischief Corner Books)
An Alien to Love by Jessica E. Subject (Decadent Publishing)

Best Mystery/Thriller/Suspense Book
Fair Play by Josh London
Devoted In Death by JD Robb
Reaper by Edward Kendrick (Pride Publishing)
Third Eye by Rick R. Reed (Dreamspinner Press)
Shotgun by Marie Sexton (Dreamspinner Press)
Murder & Mayhem by Rhys Ford (Dreamspinner Press)

Readers Choice Nominees
Best Couple

Will and Prudence in WILLING LOVE by Mary Jean Adams
Hailey and Fin (Eerie by C.M. McCoy)
Herres and Delia in Vampyre Rescuer
Cassandra Lowry and Jim Hunt (DARK MOON RISING)
Yulen and Atty from Battle Lord Saga by Linda Mooney
Kate& Curran (Kate Daniels Series by Ilona Andrews)
Eve and Roark (In Death Series by JD Robb)
Lysander Brock and Kyle Dalton, Testing Lysander by L M
Ty Grady& Zane Garrett (Crash & Burn by Abigail Roux)
Jackson& Nick (Storming Love: Wild Fire by Laura Baumbach)

Best Hero
Sky in WOLF'S PRINCESS by Maddy Barone.
Fin (Eerie by C.M. McCoy)
Dreydon in Stolen Away
Jim Hunt (Dark Moon Rising)
Yulen from Battle Lord Saga by Linda Mooney
Salter Beauman, Scorched Edges by L M Somerton
Asher from C.M. McCoy's "EERIE"
 Sloane Brody (Rise & Fall by Charlie Cochet)
Curran, the Beast Lord (Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews)
Holden Carter (Stolen & Forgiven by Carrie Ann Ryan & Alexandra Ivy)

Best Heroine

Hailey (Eerie by C.M. McCoy)
Delia in Vampyre Rescuer
Cassandra Lowry (Dark Moon Rising)
Atty from Battle Lord Saga by Linda Mooney
Sloane Brody (Razor Wire by Lauren Gallagher)’
Kate Daniels (Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews)
Ariel Sands (Stolen& Forgiven by Carrie Ann Ryan and Alexandra Ivy)
Shea Little (Ink Inspired by Carrie Ann Ryan)
MeKenna (Own Her by Jenika Snow)
Samantha Holland (Fatal Series by Marie Force)

©Dakota Trace All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Random Tusesday {11}: Subspace or Rope Space....

Sub-space or rope-space. I talk about it, give it to my characters all the time in my books, but does one ever honestly grasp what this elusive feeling entails?  It can vary from submissive to submissive, can be achieved any many ways...flogging, whipping, hot wax, or even with bondage. There are so many nuances.  Until recently however, I thought they were the same exact thing.  Because I'd never personally (shocker....) expeirenced either of them. 

I've done tons of research, talked to subs about it, even read medical articles about the phenomon, but never really understood it more than an abstract way...I could go into a long drawn out discussion about all the chemicals involved but will give you the quick and dirty of it from someone who can explain far better than I ever could...


Science behind subspace....

At the same time, BDSM quite often involves impacts to the body. During a scene, the intense experiences of both pain and pleasure trigger a response of the sympathetic nervous system, which causes a release of epinephrine from the adrenal glands, as well as a dump of endorphins and enkephalins.
These natural chemicals are a part of the body's primal "fight or flight" response. They produce the same effects as a morphine-like drug. This dump of morphine-like chemicals into one's bloodstream into increases the pain tolerance of the submissive as the scene becomes more intense -- and also induces a euphoric, ecstatic floating feeling. 
-Copyright 2012 Dr Dexter,
also Dr_Dexter on Fetlife] all rights reserved.

Sounds pretty clinical doesn't it.  Do this, and this chemical is released, do that, and presto...instant flying submissive.  Not so. As I said each submissive is different, each scene is different.  As I have found out.  Until just recently I'd only had the pleasure to experience an impact induced sub-space (aka flogging) I know, I know, Dakota seems like such a nice girl...lol.  But not that long ago, I had the chance to experience 'rope space'.  Was it better than a regular trip to subspace?  Weaker than the high I get off a good flogging? 

Well it's kind of like comparing granny smith apples and navel oranges.  One is crisp and tart, while the other is sweet and tangy, but both are fulfilling.  

For me a good flogging is like a green apple.  The falls sting when they first hit skin, leaving a lingering burn that I'm sure to feel later. The longer the flogging goes on, the more sensitive I become, and it pushes me higher and higher until I almost fall into a trance like state.  From that point, the slightest stroke of leather or horsetail against my skin feels like a lover's caress.  Stimulating but soothing, until it's all I can focus on.  No worries, no kids, no commitments or responsibilities. I'm out of my head and nothing exists but me and the erotic pain Sir's flogger brings.  It's very freeing.   I usually end up crying by the end, all my stress ebbing away in a salty trail that I always assure my Sir are good tears, not bad. 

A special thanks to Spike72 for taking the time to create such a beautiful piece of artwork.  If you'd like to find out more about this awesome rope master CLICK HERE for his FetLife Profile. 

Rope space on the other hand?  I find it delicious, much like a navel orange.  Sweet, soothing, but not as hard and intense as the sub-space brought on by a flogging.  However, it's not weaker or any less fulfilling, by any stretch of the imagination.   When I'm bound I find peace in the ropes.  Not because my dominant has driven all other thoughts from head with his wicked horsehair flogger, but because the rope will hold me together, no matter how I fall apart.  Each time the rope is twisted around me, another worry falls away. The slight burn as I'm lifted off my feet, a welcome caress as I trust the ropes to hold me. It's exciting (since I know that I will be helpless) but soothing because I know they will keep me safe.  Their strong strands hold me as tight as my dominant's arms - and that in itself is beyond freeing.  Add suspension into the mix along with my Sir's gentle touch and soft praise, and I'm literally floating. It's almost like floating in pool, the water holding me up while I trust my body's natural buoyancy to not let me sink.   

So could I ever choose one over the other? Probably not.  I love both for the release they bring me.  And frankly I'm greedy. Just like I wouldn't want to eat tacos every night for the rest of my life, I still enjoy a good soft shell now and again.  

Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Moans {14}: Shivers

All I can say is....ooooooh, not the shoulders - not the shoulders....dang it now I have goosebumps...lol.  Have a great Monday All!