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I've had several requests by readers for a list with the reading order of my books.  So since they've asked, so they will recieve.  Below is a list of all my popular series, so they can be read in order.  


Doms of Chicago Series
Nisey's Awakening - Caelan & Nisey's story (mf)
Exploring Her Submission - Caelan & Nisey go to Japan (mf)
Taming Kalinda - Josh, Kalinda & Dominic's story (mfm)
Conquering Jude - Jude, Olivia, Micah's story, the beginning (mfm)
His Christmas Gift: Myrna's Submission -  Amery & Myrna (mf)
Saving Micah - Jude, Olivia, Micah's story, the conclusion (mfm)
Choosing Rena - Jackson & Rena's story (mf)
Gabriel's Light - Gabriel & Zhenya's story (mf)
Healing Hark - Diachi, Hark & Bryan's story(mmm)

Doms of Chicago Spin-off Series
Analise's Journey- Liam, Grim & Analise's story (mmf)
Jamison's Redemption - Jamison & Shauna's story (mf & ff) coming summer 2014

The Doms of Napa Valley Series
Temporary Master - Ethan & Sabella's story (mf)
Essential Master - Nichoulas, Zebedaih & Stephanie's story (mmf)
Benevolent Master - Kaleb & Alyce's story (mf) coming fall 2014

The Velvet Fist Series
Her Naughty Boy - Kyle & Lily's story (mf)
His Broken Angel - Tony & Deborah's (mf) story coming winter 2014


Xenres Sins Series
Ruthless - Asha & Eyrk's story
Vanity - Cy & Rowe's story (coming soon)


Darkest Submission Series
Seducing the Sword - Camulos & Cayliegh's story
Dark Submission - Kennet & Jasmyn's story 
Seduction's Call - Flannery & Braelyn's story

Taghte Pack Series
Wolfen Bonds - Matthias, Andrew & Colleen's story (mmf) (coming soon)

Caylpso's Choice Series
Twice the Chance, Twice the Ecstasy - Eryka, Luca & Dre 's story
Tempted by Ecstasy: Shelli, Doyle, and James's story
Obscene Ecstasy- Kristy, Oliver, & Lowell's story

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