Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tonight's the Night!

Tonight we'll find out if I'm as innocent as I claim to be. The wonderful Kali Willows will be interviewing me on her BlogTalkRadio show, Between Moonlit Covers, at 10pm CST.  We'll be discussing my new release, Wyk's Surrender, the 1 Night Stand and pretty much anything else that comes to mind. 


  This will be a first for me. I've done numerous online chats in the past - and they are easy. All I have to do is type. But I'm biting the bullet and am actually going to talk with Kalli and who ever else decides to call in. (Not to worry there will be an online component as well - or so I'm told.)  

So if you have the time, the inclination or even the least bit of sympathy for me as I take this big plunge, please stop by.  It will hosted from 10PM CST to 11PM.  (Sorry about the later hours - considering what we'll be talking about,it's best Dakota's kids are in bed.)   Below is the link to the site where the radio blog will be hosted.  

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