Sunday, March 25, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: March 25th

Hey Peeps - once again it's time for the SSS madness to begin.  I thank each and everyone of you who take the time out of your busy schedule to stop by and not only read but comment on my humble scribblings.  Don't forget you can find the rest of the SSS authors HERE.  This week's six comes from my current WIP, Retrieving Rena.  This is after she makes a clean get  away via the L and to her apartment.  Enjoy! 
For a brief moment she thought of moving again, knowing with his and Jude’s connections it wouldn’t take Jackson long to locate her home address. But she immediately discarded the idea.  She loved her new apartment.  Quaint and cozy with over stuffed furniture,  vibrant paintings her sister had made and plenty of hardwood floors covered with bright colorful throw rugs her grandma and she had made, it might be a hodgepodge of tastes and decors but it was every inch hers. And I’m not going to let Jackson Lavough run me out of it. I’ll just have to keep telling him no and hopefully make it stick this time.