Sunday, November 20, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: Sept 20th

Hi all!  Thanks for stopping back by once again for my Six Sentence Sunday.  As promised here's six sentences from the next chapter of Saving Micah.  In this scene, our lovely heroine, who happens to also be a Domme is reminding Jude of  her position in the relationship several days into their investigation into Micah's attack - it seems when it's someone he cares about, he conveniently forgets his place in their relationship and goes go all alpha on her... a trend that he makes no apologies for - as he's told her in the past - when it comes to her protection and those that he loves, he makes no qualms about doing what he thinks right.
Her gaze narrowed. “That’s right - acknowledge who I am to you.  I seem to remember how forward you’ve been the last two days with your Mistress. How free you’ve been your hands…touching without permission; doing whatever you want.” Her tone was cool but he could see the puckering of her nipples against the towel. 
Not that I'm sure you've gotten a chuckle at these two, don't forget to stop by the other authors at SSS this week!


  1. Nice six! I really enjoy reading BDSM. :)

  2. Hmm, I wonder who will come out on top of this relationship? :-)