Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Snark: Nov 19th

The previous few week's I've brought you snark from Seduction's Call, my current WIP.  During this time you've met Kennet, my hero's snarky older twin.  Kennet's will has been forged in the fires of hell -  literally but somehow he's managed to keep his sense of humor a and I couldn't resist throwing another piece of snark his way.  This time it's from his own book, Dark Seduction.  In this passage, he's just found out he's been tasked with protecting Bile, the God of the Underworld's daughter, Jasmyn who is part of the very race who cursed him.  Hopefully you'll enjoy another peek at this wonderful character. Be sure to check out the rest of the snark at Marie's Sexton's site!

"Son, I understand what we’re asking is quite the favor, but if Alastir and I could figure out another way to keep her safe, we would." His father shifted out from under his mate’s body before wrapping a hand around Kennet’s arm to stop his pacing. "What happened…"
"…was an unfortunate accident." Kennet sighed heavily, wishing his family would quit trying to shoulder the blame of what happened to him. "You had no idea that Lenora would curse my blood, causing it to separate when I rejected her advances. Nor did anyone realize that she’d dared to use the Origins spell." Kennet raked his hand through his shoulder-length blond hair, barely pausing in his pacing. "So now I have two voices in my head instead of just one." He gave a mocking smile. "I’m the ultimate bi-polar man."

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