Sunday, November 13, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: Nov 12th

Thanks all for stopping by my blog for the newest edition of Six Sentence Sunday. As usual I appreciate all those who stop by to comment as does all the other authors on this blog hop; so please be sure to stop back by the SSS to check out all the rest of the six sentence contributors. As promised here is the next six from chapter three of Saving Micah, showing Olivia's frustration at their lack of progress in finding Micah's attackers.


A hiss escaped Olivia as her hands tightened against his flesh. Jude gave a slight wince but bore the pain without commenting.  It was his job to soothe his Mistress.
“If I get my hands on who did this, I’ll kill them.” The venom in her voice didn’t surprise him. That was his Mistress – fierce, loyal and above all else protective whatever she considered hers. 


  1. She's fierce and he's loving. Excellent!

  2. I love how well he knows her. Great six! :)

  3. Oh, love a protective Mistress (or Master)! Nice Six!

  4. I like her fiery determination and his willingness to help relieve her tension. Great six, Dakota. :)