Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Snog: Seduction's Call

This week's snog is coming from one of my current WIP's, Seduction's Call.  The last book in my Darkest Submission series, is the story of the youngest son of Camulos, the God of War and the Banshee who has been sent to seduce him, but to do that she must give him her complete and utter submission.  This is the pivotal moment in the story when Braelyn gives into Flannery. (FYI, as a Banshee, Braelyn has a mating song that is lethal). Enjoy and make sure to stop back at Victoria Blisse's site to check out the rest of the snogsters. :D  
His voice came out gruff. “And you’re certain you want me to be that man?”
 When she opened her mouth to reply, he held up a hand.
 “Before you answer, I’m going to give you one last chance to back out of this madness.” His hand clenched into a fist. “I can’t believe I’m doing this, but you need to understand that I’m not an easy man, Banshee. I will accept nothing less than your complete and utter submission. There will be no half measures if you get frightened. I won’t allow you to back out once we enter my bedroom and you see the pleasures I have planned for us. They will probably scare the hell out you but I will be relentless in my pursuit. I will have what you’ve promised me. Between what my brother did and my natural desire for you, I won’t be able to accept less.”
A low whimper escaped her tight throat. She wanted so badly what he offered but realized he had a valid point. Despite all of her reading she was truly inexperienced.
“And if I get scared, Sir?”
"I will sooth your fears to the best of my abilities, if I can. Just realize I will never hurt you. I’ll push your boundaries but my intent is not to cause you true harm. Knowing this do you still offer your submission?”
She licked her lower lip. “Can I ask for a boon before I answer, Sir?”
His nostrils flared as he crossed his arms over his chest. “Ask.”
“Would you please kiss me, Sir? I know it seems silly but I think it would calm my nerves…”
The rest what she was going to say was swallowed by his mouth. She hadn’t expected him to move so fast. One moment he’d been leaning against the couch and the next he was crouched in front of her, one hand buried in her hair, while the other wrapped around her waist to hold her still for his kiss. 
She sighed at the feel of his firm lips. Need pooled deep in womb and sparked an onslaught of moisture between her thighs.  It took all her control to keep her hands upturned on her knees.
His tongue brushed over the outer curves of her lips. “Open for me, little one.”  
Obeying, she thrust her tongue against his. The spicy taste of the ambrosia laced whiskey filled her senses as his tongue rubbed over hers – battling for supremacy and ultimate getting it with her submission. As he conquered her mouth, staking his claim, she fought to keep her hands in position.  She ached to thread them through his hair, to cling to his thick neck, to hang on to anything as he blew her world apart.
Then the hand at her waist moved to settle over the curve of her breast and she forgot about being still, about holding her form. Her arms moved of their own violation as his fingers pinched and rubbed at her nipple, the slight sting of pain intensifying the pleasure his touch had invoked.  It was all she could do to keep from singing out her pleasure when his answering growl vibrated against her lips.
She sobbed as the song, unbidden, built in her throat. Even through her desire and desperation for Flannery, she knew she couldn’t free it. I promised…I can’t.  Tearing her mouth away from his, she rested her head under his chin, in the hollow of his throat.  “I…”
"Your answer – now, Braelyn, before I take you where you sit.” Hoarse, she could hear his voice vibrate under ear.  
“Yes, Sir.” Her words whispered over his pulse. “I offer my submission."

Seduction's Call 
Blurb: Braelyn has been sent to the Earth realm for one purpose. Her lord and Master, Bilé wants the final member of Camulos’s family tied to him, wanting warriors with Flannery Baghadur’s blood. Proven in battle, the God of War's youngest son is undefeated. So she’s been charged with seducing Flannery and not to return until she’s carrying his child. It should be easy right? But as a Banshee, for her to become pregnant, she has to sing her mating song and no human has ever survived the mating call of a Banshee.

Flannery is intrigued by the long blonde haired woman who appears on his doorstep in the deep of the night. Already aroused from a drug that his ornery twin, Kennet, had slipped him, he’s finds himself wanting the Banshee despite the perceived danger. That’s until in the midst of their passion, he finds out Braelyn’s ulterior motive for coming to him. There’s no way he’s going to allow her to run off after he impregnates her. He’ll do anything, even TrueMate her, to keep her and his unborn child at his side.


  1. This sounds like a great closing story for the series! Gods of War...ALWAYS hot! Love the bad boys...;)


  2. Thanks ladies for stopping by. I'm glad you enjoyed Flannery's and Braelyn's first kiss. Even with the BDSM slant, I still think a first kiss should rock a couple's world.