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Interview with Gavin Langdale

About Land of Falling Stars, an erotic romance/historical:

After her parents die in a fire, Sophia Whitfield struggles to save her beloved home, Arbor Rose. The Civil War has devastated the South, and another blue coat has come to steal her meager possessions. Before the hated enemy inflicts his destruction, she shoots him. And soon discovers the soldier is Gavin, the champion of her childhood.

Gavin's dark secret lurks in Sophia’s future. When she discovers the truth, she's torn between a burning hunger for the man she truly loves and loyalty to Jesse, their childhood friend. The despicable acts of war have changed everything Sophia and Gavin once cherished. Yet somewhere deep in their hearts, the mystical Land of Falling Stars still exists.
* An expanded version of the original best-selling Civil War novel

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Snippets of reviews:
“You haven’t lived until you’ve read Keta Diablo’s Land of Falling Stars.” Crave More Romance, 5 Stars
“LOFS Makes for one phenomenal read that will keep your heart pumping and the pages turning, not just from the delightfully sinful sex, oh no, the drama and suspense will carry 
you through till the end!” Book Junkie, 5 Stars
“Diablo pens a beautiful, haunting love story full of passion, deception, danger and the epic War between the states that will leave you breathless.” Night Owl Romance, 4.75 Stars

the Swoon-worthy hero from LAND OF FALLING STARS: Gavin Langdale

Thanks for joining me today. I’m getting ready to take a trip back in time to talk with Gavin Langdale, the hero in Keta Diablo’s newest release – Land of Falling Stars – out now with Books We Love Spice!  Care to join me?  Great! Hop in! *flicks a couple switches on the time machine.* Ready? And we’re off to the 1860s! 

Whoa *grabs the edge of the door, head spinning a bit.* I think we’ve arrived at our destination: 1864, Fredericksburg, Virginia here we come.  *stepping out, looking around* Ah, ha -- there’s Arbor Rose, which means Gavin should be around here somewhere.

Man: “Looking for me?”

Turning, *gasps at the huge, hunky man behind me* “If you’re Gavin, then why yes, I am.  Keta told you I was coming right?”

*A nod* “Keta, she’s that sex author, right; the one who interviewed Sophia and me?”

“Yes, that’s her.”

“How do you pronounce her name anyway?”

“I believe it’s pronounced Kee-ta (rhymes with Cheetah).”

“And they say southern names are strange.  *offers a wicked grin and a hand* “Yes, I’m Gavin Langdale. At your service ma’am.”

“Good. I promise I won’t take much of your time. I’m sure you want to get back to the lovely Sophia.” *Settling down on the wide veranda* “Okay, let’s cut to the chase, that is, the beginning of the story. From what I understand you fought for the Union in that horrific Civil War.  Tell us why you returned to Sophia and Arbor Rose after—well, after your ordeal.

I had to speak with her about-well, about something terrible that happened at Spotsylvania. People say there are no coincidences in life; some even say everything in life is pre-ordained. I’ve done a lot of thinking about those theories and I wish I had answers.  I’d like to believe Jesse’s death was a quirk of fate or a satirical act of Satan’s doing. I loved Jesse, and so did Sophia.
Some say you’ve loved Sophia since childhood. Did you still love her even after she shot you?”

*a deep throaty laugh* “She shot me all right. Guess I should have waved or called out. Would have saved us both a lot of angst.” *a far-away look crosses his dark blue eyes* “I have loved Sophia since we were children. I can’t remember not loving the contrary woman.”

“Well it sounds like it was only fair she saved you after putting a bullet in your chest. But moving on, tell us what Sophia was like as a young girl? Was she a tomboy or the proper little lady?”

“Now that depends on who’s looking at the time. Sophia tagged along with Jesse and me everywhere we went. And we didn’t have to look for trouble; it found us. We got a kick out of turning out the neighbor’s cows and shooing them down the road. We laughed like hyenas while tipping over privies and then there was the day Sophia almost drowned while we sailed the river in a raft Jesse and I built from hollow logs. *shakes his head with another laugh and then his expression turns somber* But when Sophia was around the elders, she acted like a proper young lady of the South. Guess you have to live here to understand what’s expected from the refined elite of the gentry.”  

“A little birdie told me Sophia loves to dance. What is the Samba-de-Roda and has she ever tempted you to dance with her?”

“I’ve never seen anyone dance like Sophia, except for the darkies. That’s who taught her the Samba-de-Roda.  Nap and Brister say the samba originated in Africa and Brazil. The slaves brought it to the Continent like they did many of their customs. They dance in a circle to the beat of a drum and often sing and clap while they dance.  And yes, Sophia has asked many times to join her, but . . .” *he looks down at the ground and points* “Two left feet. I don’t fancy making a fool of myself.”

“And who’s this shaggy fellow?” *holds out hand to approaching dog* “Is this the infamous Ricochet? From my understanding you trained him? I bet that’s come in handy a time or two. Why does Sophia call him a deserter? He sounds like a loyal, lovable wolfhound. “

“That’s Ricochet, all right. I taught him how to knock a man from his mount before I left for the war. Damn, if he didn’t remember when I returned. Sophia has called him a defector or a traitor at times, but she’s just jealous of the attention I give the hound.” *leans forward and murmurs* “She like to be the center of attention if you know what I mean. Deep down, like me, she loves Ricochet.  He’s saved her sorry ass almost as many times as I have. Damn, that woman attracts trouble like tics on a dog.”

What a brave fellow, a definite hero, or Ricochet. *shifting in chair* Was he there the night Sophia lost her sight?  That’s a double whammy, her losing her going blind and finding out about Jesse. Isn’t that the night you told her what really happened to Jesse and why you came back? “

“Do we have to talk about the night of Sophia’s accident and Jesse’s . . . well, his accident too? I think you should read the book Keta wrote. She covers the incident on the battlefield with Jesse and the night Billy Cooper set Arbor Rose on fire. I got all riled when I think about those things and think it’s best to leave it alone.”

Very well, I’ll spread the word about Land of Falling Stars. *leans in and lowers voice* “I hate to ask about Mule Copper – that horrid man – but why do you think he possessed so much evil in his heart?

“I knew Mule since I was a yonker. He was mean then too. Sophia’s Pa hired him as overseer at Arbor Rose and thanks to Mule, Rueben didn’t live long enough to regret it. 

“I hear on your trip to Boston, you met up with a caravan of Gypsies. Do tell us about them.”

Three words describe the misunderstood Romani people – colorful, hard-working and loyal. Sophia and I have many fond memories from our stay with Vandlo’s people, despite the troubles dogging us at the time.

“Ultimately, despite everything, you leave Sophia in Baltimore, that must have been very hard. What kept you going during the time you were apart? And what made you decide to go back after her?

The hardest decision I ever made was to leave her at the school – in the hands of strangers, but I was left with few choices at the time. I kept going day at a time, with one purpose in mind – give back to Sophia what she lost because of the war. I went back to bring her home to Arbor Rose. And . . . because I love her, always have.

“Ah the ultimate love trumps all! Thank you for answering my questions, Gavin. *peeks around Gavin’s shoulder* “I do believe the enigmatic Sophia is calling you to dinner, and I must be off myself.” 

“Goodbye, ma’am and thank you for visiting Arbor Rose.” *rises from the chair and bows at the waist again* “Come back anytime.” *pauses briefly* “Do you think that writer woman will write another story about us?”

“Could be, Gavin. Tell you what, I’ll ask her the minute I get back.”

Okay it’s time for the time-hopping traveler to head back to the future. Ms. Diablo, author of Land of the Falling Stars, is giving away a free copy of her critically- acclaimed book Where the Rain is Made to one lucky peep. Make sure you comment and leave an email where she can contact you in case you WIN!  Don’t forget to check out Land of the Falling Stars (psst – I think you’ll fall in love with Gavin. I know I did *swoon*). HERE ON KINDLE:

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  1. i love the cover, it's gorgeous and the interview was wonderful. i can't wait to read the book.