Thursday, October 6, 2011

#BlogHop4Writer's Question: Oct 6th

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Theme is a scary word for most writers. What is your take?

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Katrina Nicola 

Scary - naw. I look at them as a challenge. I've written a couple different novellas that are themed stories. One, Always the Bridesmaid, was part of the Revenge is Sweet series - with revenge being the theme. (of course)  I found it gave my story direction and had no issues with writing it.  Writing themed books gives me a break for a bit from being the ringleader of the wacky voices in my head. Instead of saying...because I said so when they ask me why I wrote it has to be written this way, I can say because the publisher says so. Shuts them right up everytime! :D


  1. 'because the publisher says so' I love that! I'll have to use that line next time my characters get out of hand. :)

  2. hahaha! Very funny! Great post, Dakota. Now I know where to comment I'll be back more often :)

    Revenge always makes for a good theme, in my opinion :)


    Oh, and here is my post:


  3. Hey Dianne,
    It works with mine...sorta...or perhaps it's the whip and chair I have as a back up that convinces them.


    I'm glad you figured it out. But I have to agree revenge does make a wonderful theme. I had a blast writing my "revenge" story. A good way to get all the frustrations Thanks for stopping by...and I'll stop by yours!