Monday, September 12, 2011

Just Another Busy Week

Well I'm feeling quite accomplished today. Several things came together over the weekend, and I just had to share.  First of all, most probably don't realize it but I'm a graphic design/web design major at the moment with a fledgling freelance business on the side - that's when I'm not doing school work and buried up to my little nose in edits. Well this weekend between the parade, a birthday party and homework, I managed to finish a couple of minor projects and I just had to share!

The first is a series of covers for the talented Mia Natasha.  She's been keeping me busy over the past couple of weeks with making three of her covers for upcoming releases.  I finished off the last of them yesterday.  A Ghost's Chance, Cinderella Thyme and Putting the Madge in Denna were all fun, although I'll have to say that  Putting the Madge in Denna was the most challenging of the three.  

Then after I finished working on the covers I also finished up a personal project I've been working on for the past couple of weeks (here and there).  I'm happy to announce I've sent off my first set of Romance Trading Cards off to the printers and they should soon be available. I'll announce when I get them. Although I did send them to the site, romance- to be listed. Don't know if they are up as of yet but I'm happy I got them done. I thought they turned out pretty well.  This is just a sample of the first of the eight card series that I have planned for my Doms of Chicago series with Excessica.  

Front of  Card
Back of Card

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