Thursday, September 15, 2011

BlogHop4Writers: Would you be honest and candid...

"Would you be honest and candid enough to write your personal thoughts, feelings and actions in a memoir like I did in..." 

HMM...that's a tricky one. I live in an area that if I did that it would probably reflect on me badly enough I'd have several agencies after me for lewd and mischievousness behavior.  But honesty is normally the best policy and as long as I could write it under my pen name - yes I think I would.  It's not so much I'm worried about the backlash on myself - I'm a bit of an introvert and homebody as it is...but for my children's sake, I try to present an upstanding and politically correct image.  (but oh if the neighbors only knew...) 



  1. Same here...have to protect the kids :D

  2. I'd love to hear some of the stories... :)