Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sultry 69 {3}

Hey peeps, once again I'm back with another Sultry 69.  This week's is once again from Temporary Master. In this little scene we have Sabella meeting with the hero's best friend who's been lured by Sabella's best friend to a restaurant in a blatant matchmaking attempt. Davis isn't amused at all by Lauren's little deception. It seems he has his own motives for coming - and what do you know. They aren't pure in the least bit. 

"...Any other sub would jump at the chance to feel my whip against their backs.” He bestowed a smile on Sabella. “I’ve been wanting to see my marks of domination against your friend’s back for several months now. She's the most incredibly pale skin. One  I think will take a whipping very well. The very idea of seeing her lose control under my touch makes me hard as rock.”
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  1. Wow. Talk about kinky, but hot. Do I sense another story between the best friends?