Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sultry 69 {2]

Once again it's time for Sultry 69.  This week's excerpt is coming from my newest project - Temporary Master, the first book in my Doms of Napa Valley Series. It's scheduled to come out in late Novemer  In this scene we meet our hero, Ethan for the first time as he watching a sub he's train give her new Master a blow job.  Enjoy and don't forget to stop by the other contributors. 

Leaning against the cabinet on the other side of the playroom, Master and part owner of the exclusive BDSM club, Ethan observed his latest success, Sheila.  Kneeling at Balin’s feet, naked except for small thong, her nipples clamped and her hands clasped behind her back, she was beautiful in her submission. She’d taken his training well.
 “Aw, fuck I’m going to…” Balin’s hips bucked as his frame stiffened in release.  

Sultry 69 Contributors for 10/21
1.Kharisma Rhayne2.Dakota Trace
3.Zin4.Marie Laurent


  1. Ooooo, clamps? Ouch! But for some reason I can see this. But why is he sitting across the room and not joining in? Now I'm going to have to go buy the book to figure it out. When does it come out?


  2. ooh clamps....great 69 again this week :D