Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sultry 69 {4}

Hey peeps, once again I'm back with another Sultry 69.  This week's is once again from Temporary Master. In this little scene we have a scene from Ethan's point of view as he begins Sabella's first lesson with kinbaku.  He's just walked her through the kokyo-ho (which is a  type of breathing meditation which Sabella actually kneels between his thighs and he embraces her from the back - think of sitting on the floor with your child between you and is now teasing her with a length of hemp rope - well at least until she turns the tables on him.

Holding his arms and the rope away from his little submissive’s body, Ethan hissed as she wiggled free of the denim. He hadn’t been surprised when she'd asked. After experiencing how Sablla reacted to the rope against her stomach, he realized he’d found himself a true nawa jujun - a rope bottom. But that didn’t stop his cock from aching for release from his trousers.

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