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Takeover Wednesday {10}: BL Morticia

Once again, I have the pleasure of having the lovely BL Mortica on my blog today.  This time she's here talking about Under the Gun, her newest release. Please give a warm welcome to Sharita!

Gay for You...or Something More?

Greetings fans.

After being in the genre five plus years, I’ve noticed a lot of angst and/or tension in gay romances. Characters aren’t comfortable with their sexuality, not happy about being called gay, or their rejecting their partners because they aren’t ready to come out. In fact, I’d say a good number of gay romances have these scenarios as part of the plotline. 


Because it makes for a great story.

In our genre, there’s got to be a reason for the sex. Why are my characters suddenly in bed and tearing each other’s clothes off? They’re finally together after one who had the issues with being gay feels a sense of relief. 

In my latest from BLMorticia, Under the Gun, both my characters are happily out the closet so instead of using what is called the “gay for you” angle, I created tension for them in other ways. In this case, both of them have big egos and in Malik’s case, pride gets in the way of his happiness. Malik’s parents are also a big issue for him which if you read the story, it interferes with his life course in more ways than one. How will he handle it? Can he and Camdyn get past their hangups to fall in love?

I hope you’ll check out Under the Gun and find out. Thanks for listening


Pre DADT Repeal... 

Jaded by his lover leaving him for a woman, Camdyn Hardy is looking for love and partnership. When he goes to the local shooting range, he only wants to let off a little steam, but meeting Malik Day, a discharged army serviceman is a welcome surprise. 

Malik’s issues go farther than just a lack of love. Discharged for defending a fellow gay soldier got him kicked out of the Army and back at home with his bible thumping parents. When Malik meets Camdyn, the sparks are there, but both of them are too afraid to make their desires known to each other. 

After several conversations and dates, Camdyn and Malik are hot for one another and ready to take the next step. When they do, they discover they have a lot more in common than just a need for a committed relationship.

Excerpt PG

Some days are better than others and most could be a helluva lot better, but when you get into a fight with your significant other, of the moment, what else can be done? I wished we could’ve gotten past it, but there wasn’t any way to avoid it. 

My boyfriend and I were working on a case together when we almost slipped up because of our… ‘encounter’… on the job. At my insistence, too, and this made it even worse. Our client wasn’t amused when he literally caught us with our pants down; he almost fired us on the spot. Still, we managed to finish. The job, that is. My man tried to tell me to wait until we were safe and out of sight, but my horniness wouldn’t allow me to. I shouldn’t have listened to my dick, but some days he thinks he’s the brains of this outfit.

After that, Tay started having second thoughts about our relationship. He thought we’d lost focus by working together, and we should split up. I tried pleading with him. I told him it wasn’t a good reason. “No, no, no, no, no,” I insisted, vigorously shaking my head. But the more I protested, the more he vehemently disagreed about going on with this work/play scenario. Disagreed about us.

No matter how much I begged… no matter how much or how loudly I promised I’d be more of a good boy, he’d have none of it. He decided to move on, and he did, leaving every tie to Camdyn & Associates behind. 

I knew he still loved me, but I’d heard from mutual friends Tay was on the fence again, spending a lot of time with some female. Sheesh. I’d been preparing myself for my down-low lover to take a hike, so when he walked out that door today, it really wasn’t much of a surprise. That taught me a lesson—don’t deal with anyone who’s unsure about his sexuality ever again. I needed someone totally real and gay, like me. One hundred percent queer.

As I drove away from my office, the anger built inside of me. Ready to burn rubber, I gripped the steering wheel tightly and made the sharp turn at the corner, intending to enter the freeway. The grooves from the leather pierced my skin and my knuckles turned white from the pressure. Even though my place was only fifteen minutes away, I felt the need to do damage, more like kick the shit out of Tay. Unfortunately, the gas pedal was my only fucking option. 

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BLMorticia is currently a published writer who entertains her readers with hot and smexy sex, humor, and lots of swear words. She attempts to incorporate metal music or the military in most of her works. Nothin’ sexier than metalheads or military servicemen and women! For more info, please visit, Erotica With Snark


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