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Takeover Wednesday {1} - T.L. Reeve

So today is the first installment of a new little feature on A Little Bit of Naughty - Takeover Wednesday, and it's just like it sounds. Each Wednesday, one of my author friends are going to hijack my blog for the day. They are gonna bring you not only their new releases but the stories behind the story....or so I've been told.  

Anyhow, this week, the mischievous TL Reeve is front and center with her newest release from Decadent Publishing, Omega's Heart.  So take it away TL!

Shifters. What images do you conjure up when you think of sexy men who can shift with ease? For me it was Kole, Jasper and Max. Three strong, loving men who'd do anything to make each other happy, even if they earn a few bumps and bruises along the way. Their love story isn't always happy, but they find a way. Today I'd like to share with you a NSFW scene between Kole, Jasper and Max. Their chemistry is explosive. Their love is intense. So, sit back and enjoy. I'm sure Dakota has fans and ice somewhere around here in case you need it...right Dakota?

Sexy NSFW snippet:
He crossed the room, his gaze never leaving Max while Jasper sat in his usual spot, watching both of them. When Kole stopped in front of his mate, Max fisted his shirt and pulled him even closer while bending his head. Their lips met, and a growl filled Max’s chest. He devoured Kole, taking everything he had and then some.

Kole wrapped his arms around Max’s neck, falling into the man. His head spun with the lust pounding through his veins. Thank fuck. He clawed at his lover’s shirt, trying to pull it off him; he couldn’t wait any longer. Beside them a soft moan fell from Jasper’s lips. Kole glanced over and watched as he grabbed his junk and squeezed, then rubbed himself through the material of his pants. The sight had him growing harder by the second. “Fuck,” he panted. 
“Don’t stop. I was enjoying the show,” Jasper muttered. 
“Go kiss him, Kole. I want in on this watching racket, too.” Max pushed him in Jasper’s direction who, at some point, had sat in his chair. 
Legs spread wide and a wicked glint in his eyes, his mate crooked his finger at him then pointed to the floor in front of him. Jasper squeezed the bulge in his jeans and cursed. Kole went to his knees and licked his lips, causing his mate to moan. 
“Fuck, you look amazing right there.” He cupped the nape of Kole’s neck and pulled him in, capturing his lips.
Kole groaned at the way Jasper controlled him, tasted him. He sipped and nibbled, driving Kole insane, and when he thought he couldn’t take any more, Jasper deepened it. Their tongues tangled together while his hands went for his mate’s pants. 
“Son of a bitch, Kole, suck me.” 
“Shit, this is going to be over before it begins,” Max cursed. “I’m not going to last if I have to watch him suck your dick.” 
“Who said all you’ll be doing is watching?” Jasper tipped Kole’s chin. “Want him to fuck you as you blow me?”
He whimpered yes as he stroked Jasper’s rod. “Please. We can take our time later. We have all night…forever.”
“Damn straight we do,” Max agreed, kneeling behind Kole. “This is the beginning for us.” 
Jasper pushed on Kole’s head and smirked. “Suck me, mate. Finish this for all of us.” 
Kole didn’t hesitate; he ran his tongue over the crest of Jasper’s erection, lapping at the fluid gathered there. The salty essence coated his tongue, driving him wild before he swallowed it. He took his time, licking and nibbling on him, knowing full well he tortured the man above him. Jasper hissed his name, and his fingernails scored Kole’s scalp. A shudder of pleasure coursed through him as he continued taking his time. 
Behind him, he felt Max’s hands on his sides. He pushed his shirt off him. His mate followed suit, pulling his own shirt off, exposing his broad chest to Kole’s perusal. He lifted his hand and ran his fingers through the short coarse hairs on Jasper’s chest, then scraped his thumbnail over his mate’s nipple. Jasper groaned and lifted his hips to Kole, to which he covered his mate’s tip with is mouth. 
Jasper yelped and fisted his hand in Kole’s hair, pushing him over his cock. “Fuck, don’t play.” 
“I say you tease him, little wolf,” Max said, working Kole’s pants open. “I want him out of his mind by the time I get inside you.” He placed kisses along Kole’s spine and nipped his ass. 
“You still have a spectacular ass, Kole,” Max crooned, running his fingers through his seam, then along his sac. His dick throbbed in anticipation. 
Kole tried to concentrate on Jasper, but having Max’s hands on him made it harder to do by the second. He arched into Max’s touch, a silent demand he continue playing with him—touch him as his head bobbed. He licked and sucked on Jasper’s dick. Flicked his tongue across the sensitive underside then took him all the way to the soft pallet of his throat. Jasper groaned his name and held him there. He fucked his mouth in short thrusts at the same moment Max began to stroke Kole’s cock. He whined and shuddered, trying to rock into Max’s hand, but with the way Jasper held him, he couldn’t move. He had to take what both men gave him.

When the wolf is away…

Five years ago, Max Reaper walked out of Kole Silver’s life forever, leaving behind a broken omega. 

Kole doesn’t believe in love anymore. He keeps to himself, leading a solitary life until stumbling upon an injured human, Jasper Hill. An instant attraction explodes between them, becoming an unbreakable bond. There is no choice—Kole must claim the man as his own.

When Max returns to take possession of what is rightfully his, a situation he’d never imagined greets him. Angry with himself and with his mate’s betrayal, he wrestles his wolf who demands he take action—to claim his mate. But will he be able to accept Kole’s new human companion, or will his mistake of leaving five years ago end up biting him in the ass?

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Author Bio: 

TL Reeve, a multi-published author with Decadent Publishing, Cobblestone Press, Evernight Publishing and Loose-Id, was born out of a love of family and a bond that became unbreakable. Living in the south, TL misses Los Angeles and will one day return to the beaches of Southern California to ride the waves at Huntington Beach. When not writing something hot and sexy, TL can be found curled up with a good book, or working on homework with a cute little pixie.

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