Saturday, August 16, 2014

#MySexySaturday {55}: An unexpected ride...

So for this week, we're supposed to focus on coach rides, or in my case limo rides. I'm currently in the midst of the writing a submission for Decadent's new sub call for their 1NS line. I'm having such fun with this idea. (You can find the sub call HERE - if you're interested.) Anyway, I couldn't resist this call and Seb (who's full name happens to be Seba) from Wyk's Surrender, is finally getting his own story. I sooo love revisiting characters. So enjoy this little snippet...and I'll remind you that's it's unedited - so be kind...

Set-up: Dressed up as thier favorite characters from the manga comic, Phantomhive, Seba aka Sebastian and his 1NS date, Akira aka Mey-rin are on their way to a masquerade ball being held at Club Carnivore, the newest and hottest BDSM resort in Vegas.  Enjoy! 


A light bulb seemed to go on in Jackson’s head because he nodded. “Japanese girls aren’t your thing?” 

A pang in his chest at the question didn’t surprise him. One Japanese girl had definitely been his thing. But now wasn’t the time to think of Akira. Not when he had a date waiting for him in the car. So he forced a light-hearted tone into his voice. “Not unless it’s Mey-rin. Something about her red hair, and how innocently she blushes but still manages to be lethal, that just does it for me.” 

Jackson led him over to a waiting limo. Pulling open the door, he gestured for Seba to get in. But just before Seba slid into the warm car, Jackson grinned and whispered low enough only he could hear. “Perhaps a thank you letter to Madame Eve wouldn’t be out of place. Enjoy yourselves. Your driver will wait to bring you back to the hotel.” 

“Of course. Thank you.” He barely got the words out before the door shut. Then the car began to move as it pulled away from the curb. In the darkened interior, he could barely make out the figure sitting across from him. 

A barely there sigh registered, mere moments before a soft snick as she flipped on the side light. A soft glow flooded the interior of the car. After his eyes adjusted to the sudden flare, his jaw about dropped to the floor, as the limo picked up speed. 

In the seat directly across from him, wearing a dark form fitting black maid’s uniform and a startling snowy apron that accented her lovely tits, his bespectacled companion gave him a tentative smile, then stuck out her hand. 

“Hello, I’m Mey-rin. I’m your date for the evening.”

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  1. fun snippet. but do you think many people are having sex in limos? (certainly on this blog hop) makes just riding in one seem a little yucky... good for romance literature, tho.

    1. Makes one wonder doesn't it. While my snippet starts in the limo, it is more of sensual tease and getting to know one another. The sex itself won't take place until much later after they've played at the Devil's Playground. I'm an author who loves prolonged sexual play. The Journey can be just as fun as the destination.