Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lucien Comes to Visit!

Morning all!  Today I have the pleasure of finally having Ms Shay MacLean and her muse, Lucien stop by. (And believe me this was no easy task...while Shay and I are good friends...the same can't be said for our muses, Lucien and Livvy. The blame of course lands directly on my muse's shoulders.  She can be a bit of a...handful, so to speak?)   But why don't we get this show on the road, before Livvy realizes Lucien is stopping by.  We might even be able to get him in and out unscathed. 

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Lucien steps into Dakota’s writing cave and glances around nervously. 


He turns around and comes face to face with Dakota, visibly relaxing. “Mistress Dakota. Just the woman I was looking for.” 

“So Shay finally laid down the law, did she?” Dakota laughs and glances at the two men standing on either side of Shay’s muse. Both over six feet tall with dark hair. One sporting eyes that sparkle with golden flecks and the other with sapphire shards. They exude an energy that’s palpable.

Lucien arches a brow. “She dinna do anythin’ of the sort, lass. I came of my own free will to deliver…”

Dakota doubled over with laughter. “Sure you did. I’d bet those two are here to make sure you delivered Shay’s message,” she managed to say. 

“Actually he asked us to come along for his protection, Miss Dakota.” The one with the strange sapphire eyes offered.

“That’s a blatant lie, Mateo Castillo!” Lucien roared as he spun around and met his gaze.

The other man chuckled. “Actually, he’s telling the truth, Lucien. As I recall you didn’t want to come here because you didn’t want to—how did you put it—oh yes “run to that nuisance of a woman Dakota calls a muse” and something about her trying to get you to visit her playroom.”

Lucian turned his attention to the other man. “I dinna ask fer yer help, Tiaki Jamison. If I remember correctly Shay has been swamped with getting her husband and kids settled into their house after her move. Not to mention the release of your book. I told her I’d help handle things this once, but that she’d have to make it worth my while. Which included not having to deal with running into…”

“Slave, I need to run to the store to pick up some new toys for my…playroom…” Livvy’s sing song voice trailed off. “Mmm. Never mind. Looks like you’ve already bought me some new toys,” she purred as she started toward the three men. 

Dakota grabbed hold of Livvy’s arm. “Oh no you don’t. Those two,” she gestured to Tiaki and Mateo, “are taken. By a woman could probably break you in two with just a thought, I might add.” *mumbles of agreement from them* “And Shay would never forgive me if I allowed you to trap Lucien in your room. Now go. We’ll discuss your “toys” later.”

Livvy stomps her feet and turns around. “You never let me have any fun.” 

“How ye put up with her I’ll never understand.” Lucien said. 

“Yes, well I ask myself the same thing about you and how Shay deals with you, mister. Yer no walk in the park either.” Dakota finished in her best imitation of his Scottish burr. “Now get on with what you came to deliver. It looks like I’m going to have to find out what Livvy wants before she decides to try ordering off the internet on her own. That’s the last thing I need.” She sighed. 

“Fine.” Lucien turns to readers. “So mo drùiseil sgrìobhadair (my wanton scribe) has been contemplating the best way to go about interacting with all of ye lovely people. In that regard, she’s decided to try and figure out a new feature for the Tavern. Not that I think she needs a new one since she’s allowed everyone to go poking around and shown them the library. However; this is important to her, so I’m going to allow her to build a new room for all of ye to visit with her.” 

“To that end, Miss Shay has asked us to inquire how you like to interact with your favorite authors. Formal blog posts? Fun blog posts like this? Facebook? Twitter? Informal blogs where she tells you what’s going on in her life and what she’s working on?” Mateo added. 

“The list could go on, but she’d rather hear from you. Please leave a comment to let her know and your contact information and you’ll be entered to win a 2014 calendar featuring Hawaiian landscapes and a plumeria flower hair pin.” Tiaki continued. 

“Thank ye, lass. Fer allowing the three of us to ask yer audience this. Shay is most grateful.” Lucien turns back to readers. “Before ye leave, have a look at Shay’s latest book, Rift Hunters 1: Untamed Hawaiian Heat from Loose-Id.”

Rift Hunter 1: Untamed Hawaiian Heat

In the year 2513, Kiana Grant, with the help of her love, Mateo Castillo, commands the group of rebels working to eradicate the terrorist cell that has taken over her beloved Hawaii—the Middle East’s last conquest in the world. In the middle of a hunt for key members of the cell, a vortex rips open the sky and literally throws a man at Kiana and Mateo's feet.
Born and raised in the Phoinix Galaxy, Tiaki Jamison is part of an elite class of guardians known as Rift Hunters. While attempting to repair an unstable rift, he’s sucked through and finds a woman standing over him. But not just any woman—the woman that his magic immediately identifies as his soulmate.
When Mateo catches him kissing Kiana, Tiaki’s magic indicates that the only answer is to bond with them both.

 Tiaki must convince Kiana and Mateo to complete the soul bond, which will join their magical forces, giving them the ability to stop the terrorist cell. Their bond means one last fighting chance against great evil. But can it foster a love that transcends time and space?

Rift Hunters 1: Untamed Hawaiian Heat Excerpt 

Earth 2513 

“Kiana, you should get some sleep. The maps will still be there tomorrow.” 

Kiana glanced up at the sound of Mateo’s voice through her cybernetic link. She could feel the worry he tried to hide seeping through the link. Rubbing the back of her neck for what seemed like the millionth time in the last five minutes, she finally answered, “Just a little longer, mi corazón. I’m close to discovering what the hell is so important about this area to the Syndicate. I can feel it.” She’d been leaning over some maps of the Pacific Ocean that she’d brought to their hale noho--sleeping quarters--for hours now, trying to determine just what that significance was. And why the Hawaiian Islands in particular. She still couldn’t find the connection, but something kept niggling at her. 

If she could only figure out what it was. Each time she thought she had the connection, it would skitter just out of reach. She sighed in frustration and refocused on her notebook. She’d written down every bit of information she could find about the Obsidian Syndicate. She reread her notes. 

The Obsidian Syndicate had shown up about a century after multiple earthquakes had shaken the various islands around the Pacific Ocean in an area known as the Ring of Fire. From what she’d been able to find out, their leaders had first begun to infiltrate the governments of smaller nations, especially those with histories of violence toward outsiders or people who were different. Once they had established a foothold, they began climbing the ladder in each of those governments until they held some of the major offices. 

Then they’d started allying themselves and taking on some of the bigger countries. The way they’d slowly spread across the globe reminded her of a board game called Risk that she’d seen played once in a vid clip in the encyclopedia archives. She continued to puzzle over the list, occasionally glancing over at the maps and making a notation of something that struck her. Damn it! What the hell are they after? 

She didn’t realize she’d actually sent the question through the link until she felt Mateo’s hand on her shoulder. She looked up, angry at herself for not having sensed his approach. He was only able to sneak up on her when she was absorbed with something. Knowing that, though, didn’t make her happy that it had occurred. 

He knelt in front of her, pulled the pad of paper she’d been writing on out of her hands, and set it on top of the maps. He moved closer, insinuating himself between her legs. 

“Mi querida, you’re going to wear yourself out if you don’t stop and get some rest.” When she started to protest, he laid a finger over her lips. “You aren’t going to do the men and women who depend on you as their leader any good if you don’t take care of yourself.” 

Kiana briefly closed her eyes and enjoyed the caress as his finger traced the curve of her mouth. “I know, Mateo, but I’m close to finding out what they want with Hawaii. I can feel it inside.” She searched for the words to describe the awareness she’d been experiencing for the past month. It was a restless energy swirling inside her. Tonight, the feeling was stronger than it had ever been before, but it was still just out of reach. Her eyes fluttered open at the touch of his lips on hers. He scattered kisses over her mouth and cheeks, nibbled his way to her ear. 

“Then let me build something else inside you,” he whispered huskily. He bit gently on her neck, then trailed his lips along the column of her throat as he reached for the buttons of her shirt. “You know I can do it.” 

His words slid into her mind and conjured up images of their bodies writhing in ecstasy. “Yes, you such delicious ways too.” She could feel not only the sensations her body was processing but what he was experiencing as well, thanks to their cybernetic link. 

Now that we've been teased and tantalized by Ms.Shay's wonderful new release, don't forget to take a second to comment below about what you like to interact with your favorite authors. I bet that calender is beautiful and the pin even more so. 


  1. Ha. That Mateo. Typical man, huh? Just when she's on the verge of putting things together, he muscles in with amorous intent. Like it!

  2. For my part, I love the fun posts like this one. Even though she always causes trouble, I love it when Livvy goes out on tour 😃
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