Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year Resolution: Dakota

So it's the start of another new year, and looking forward to 2013 what do I have in store for me? Lets see I have a band trip in March to Florida with my son, a workshop conference in May and then of course in Sept I have my first ever writer's conference in Flagstaff where I'm going to get to actually rub elbows with other authors. Oh and I also signed up for a 500K challenge and I even talked myself into doing this 365 Blog challenge that Kharisma has running.  I must be insane! So in the midst of all this stuff what resolutions should I make?  There's the traditional, I'm not going to eat chocolate anymore (as if I'd ever agree to that!)  and then there is I promise to exercise daily  (which works during the warm months but during the cold months I sit on the couch curled up under a blanket.)  

So what does it leave me with? I know I need to eat less chocolate, exercise more  and have more patience with my kids.  But why set myself up for failure?  My resolution this year is simple.  Get my unorganized butt organized, and stay that way!  I'm going to create a schedule and stick to it.  I've got January plotted out on my Google calender, and I even have it  set up to send reminders to my phone.  With a bit of luck and  several prayers, I can do this.  Here's hoping to a New Year where I'm not scrambling at the last minute to finish everything and no missed deadlines!  

So what's your resolution?  Hopefully it's one you can achieve too. 


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  1. Organized huh? That's the big secret? Can I use your flogger on you? This I've got to see. HEHEHE. Seriously though, I wish you the best of luck with it. I'm sure you can do it.