Thursday, January 10, 2013

And the tradition goes on.....

Each family out there has it's own traditions and mine is no different. With the holidays just behind us, I was eloquently reminded by my kiddos a couple of weeks ago that I had to make Belgium waffles for Christmas morning.  It was a tradition.  Of course, I mumbled under my breath and in my new robe and slippers puttered out into the kitchen to make those dratted waffles from scratch and thought about how if I had the chance I'd shoot my mother.  This is all her fault.  Why do I say this?  Because when I was growing up we never did a Christmas dinner. (my parents are divorced) Instead we'd do a Christmas Brunch - where my mom would make everything from quiche to scrambled eggs and bacon...including pancakes and waffles.  

Of course as I grew older, and Mom passed on, my husband got me a waffle maker I'd been asking for as a Christmas gift.  My oldest now, who happened to be five at the time was missing Grandma's Brunch (this was the first Christmas after Mom had passed,) so I ripped out my new waffle maker and made Belgium waffles for everyone. Everyone absolutely loved it and lets just now it's a family tradition I do every year, weather I want to or not. I shouldn't complain, it keeps the spirit of my mom alive and I hate to say it but the waffles are pretty damn good too.  Now I just have to teach my daughters how to make them, so I'm not the last person eating every time.

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