Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Naughty After Dark Blog Hop! (Feb 15-22)

Welcome all. This is the first time I've hooked up with Natasha and Nikki for one of their wonderful blog hops but I found myself unable to resist. Especially with a name like Naughty After Dark. I mean, come on I'm an erotic author - there was no way that I could possibly resist...considering being naughty is almost a second nature to me.    With that being said, lets move on to my post.  From my understanding, I had to come up with something that was naughty...and not necessarily "adult naughty" (but come on...I can't help but think of "adult" naughty when the door is left wide open like that.)

As that is the case, I'm going to talk about sensation play. If done right this can be one of the naughtiest pleasures around. To some when you mention the word sensation play, they automatically think of hot wax.  I'm not sure why but there it is.   There are a variety of different types of sensation play other than hot wax (not to say that's not fun.)  So lets delve a bit deeper, so you can see there's a type for even the most vanilla of peeps.  Here are four to start your list...

So we have:

Hot Wax - this is for the more adventuresome.  Depending upon type of wax and the distance from the body, this can sting a little or a lot :D. This along with fire play are very prevelant in the BDSM world when it comes to sensation play.  Drizzling hot wax on sensitive parts at the right moment can have explosive results...or so I've been told. :D

Ice: - another common type of  sensation play and one made quite popular by the movie  9 1/2 Weeks.  Something definitely hot about watching Mickey Rourke trail ice all over Kim Bassinger's body. Just thinking about this type of play makes me shiver. I don't do ice well as the reciever but as the giver...well perhaps  that's another story....and good news is that of all sensation play this is probably the cheapest form...every one has ice in their freezers right? lol

Massage Gloves:  Found in most beauty aisles in your local drug store or Super Center, these can be highly erotic and are also used in sensation play. Lightly rubbing the glove across erogenous zones can be rather stimulating - especially if you happen to  be blindfolded. You'll never know exactly where you're going to be touched next.

Feathers - *shudders*  now this is another popular form of sensation play, and not for the faint of heart a.k.a. ticklish peeps.  Like the massage gloves, this can be rubbed over the body and if you're not extremely ticklish, it can be found very stimulating.  In my case, this would be considered a form a torture. I'd be laughing so hard I'd be crying.

Okay, now that I've covered a few, let me be clear...any object can be used in sensation all depends upon the person wielding it.  After all, having steamy intimacy is a joint effort and as long as both partners decide on what they want and go after it, everyone wins.

Which leads me to the part you all have been waiting for...the winning!  I'm going to be giving away three prizes on my blog post - which means there will be three lucky winners.  Below is a nifty form telling you how to enter to win, but I thought you all might like  a visual of the prize too.

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