Sunday, December 18, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: Dec 18th

It's time once again for  my Six Sentence Sunday.  This will be the final one of the year but I can't help but want to thank everyone who stops by and reads mine and the other contributors's snippets each week.  We surely appreciate the generosity of your time and comments. :D  With that being said, I have a snippet once again from Saving Micah, this time from Chapter Six. This is just before Micah leaves the hospital and manages to somehow end tangled up with Ethan on the floor.  And fate being what it is, Olivia and Jude just happen to walk into the room as it 
Lying on the floor, still attached to his IV thank God, but now entangled with one chuckling Native American pain-in-the ass security guard, Micah’s patience was at its end. He began to swear in his painfully hoarse voice, uncaring when Olivia joined Jude in gaping at his disgraced half-naked sprawl.
“Why don’t you just fucking sell tickets if all you’re gonna do is stare?” He pushed hard on Ethan’s shoulders. “Get the fuck off me, you laughing asshole. Don’t you know how to do anything other than torment injured men?” 
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  1. I can feel his frustration and chagrin. Well done six, Dakota. :)

  2. This is a very funny six! I know, I know, he's mad as hell, but the comments he makes are really entertaining! Great six!

  3. He has a way with words! Suspect they share a history...

  4. I smiled through this whole snippet. Well done!

  5. GREAT description. I can feel his anger, embarrassment, frustration, especially since he has an audience! Good job.

  6. In spite of his frustration, I found this so funny.
    Have a great holiday.