Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Snog: Trust

This week I thought I'd take a trip back in time to one of my earlier releases, a sweet erotic romance called Trust.  In this scene, we have the main character, Jason and his girl, Leighann.  This is Leighann's first tentative step at intimacy after being attacked by the villain of the story.  Enjoy and don't forget to stop back at Victoria Blisse's for the rest of the Sunday Snoggers! 

“I know I promised I wouldn't push for anything, but I would give anything to kiss you again, Minx.”
“I think I can handle a kiss or two without falling apart.”
“Good.” His head dipped and he pressed his mouth against hers. She went up on her toes, as his tongue teased the seam of her lips, begging for entrance. With a soft moan, she granted him access. When his tongue rubbed against hers, she pressed up against him. He took her weight easily before turning to press her against the door.She felt her feet bump something and she nearly toppled over. She wrenched her mouth from his.
“Whoa.” She clung to his wide shoulders. “You pack quite the punch, Mr. Adair. I almost fell over.”
He groaned and dragged her mouth back up to his. She sighed into the kiss and leaned into him once more. Just as his thumb brushed against the underside of her breast they were interrupted.
“Jeez, couldn't you guys get a room?” Gloria's laughter startled Leighann. 
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