Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Snark: Oct 29th

It's once again time for Saturday Snark. This time it comes from the hero and heroine of my newest release from Excessica Publishing, Conquering Jude. (Rena isn't the only smart ass in this  This is what Jude has to say after his Mistress insists they take a nap together and she wakes up to find he hasn't slept at all.  

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“Hmm, I can feel you thinking, pet.” The drowsy words were breathed across his naked chest. “You’re awfully hard for a slave who’s supposed to be napping with his Mistress.”
His heart leapt at her words. It was one of the first times she’d actually referred to herself as his Mistress. “It’s hard to sleep when I have a boner hard enough to hammer nails.” He waited for her to protest his vulgar words. Instead of protesting, she shifted, rubbing her belly against his trapped cock. “Not that I’m complaining about holding you, Mistress.”
“Hmm, so that what’s been poking me for the past hour?” The sensual tone went straight to his dick and unbelievably, it swelled even more. 


  1. this sounds like a great book. susan L

  2. I have my copy now I just need to find time to get it read.

  3. I enjoyed it and must read more!!


  4. Nice! Thanks so much for joining in!