Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Snog: Myrna's Submission

After reading several of the others on this blog hop (whew, them ladies know how to steam up a cold Sunday morning!) I couldn't resist and had to post my own snog.  This is the first kiss between my mature hero and heroine from Myrna's Submission, which will be out in December from Excessica Publishing.  A bit of a set up is probably in order here. This takes place in Ireland in December and Myrna happens to be sitting in her car with the window rolled down talking to Amery. Enjoy! And don't forget to stop back and check out the other authors participating. Just click on banner above!

Despite the snow covering his shoulders, Amery was turned out impeccably as always. Even dressed casually in a pair of tan woolen trousers and a cream turtleneck that peeked out of the open vee of his dark winter coat he still looked wonderful. A light dusting of snow still coated his hair. As usual he’d forgone any kind of hat.
Deciding that casual was the best defense, she smiled at him.  “Are you trying to catch your death of a cold, Amery? Where’s your hat? I know I gave you one last year for Christmas.”
He leaned into the window.  “I suppose it would be the same place the other five hats you’ve given me.”
Before she could ask where that was, his firm lips brushed hers as his hand cupped the back of her head – holding her still for his kiss.  The immediate rasp of his cool lips against hers had them parting on a gasp of surprise. Even with his warning, she hadn’t expected his kiss. The damp feel of his tongue exploring the sensitive inner curves of her mouth had her squirming. Oh dear Lord in heaven this man can kiss. Her body swayed forward trying to get closer to his as her lips parted and his tongue thrust forcefully inside to tangle with hers.  He tasted of mint and coffee and she feared she’d grown addicted to his taste. She needed to get closer.
Frustration grew as door of the car impeded her. She fumbled for the handle only to have his free hand catch hers.  Against her mouth, his order to be still had desire rushing to her core. The pure mastery of his mouth against hers along with his controlling hold had her body awakening in away she’d sworn it never would again. His hands held her completely as he took what he wanted from her mouth. Under the bulk of her sweater and coat, her breasts swelled and ached for the touch of his hands.  Her thighs trembled as her folds grew damp against the restraining cloth of her panties and jeans. She longed to feel his thick fingers find and tease her aching female flesh – to dip inside of her wetness before smearing it over her aching clit.
It had been so long since anyone other than herself had touched her body. Not to say she’d been a saint. She hadn’t, but a few one night stands and one briefly lived affair with a vanilla man a few years younger than her had left her feeling dissatisfied.  So she’d gone out and bought a vibrator and a silver bullet, deciding that intimacy with a man wasn’t worth the hassle. She got more satisfaction from her own administrations than she had with any man since Grant.
Her breath came out in raspy plea when Amery finally lifted his head.  His grey eyes were dark with desire and the swollen fullness of his mouth had her wanting to kiss him again. When she leaned forward, his hand tightened in her hair. Even with a protest on her tip of her tongue, she froze. Her heart was racing at the possessive look on his face.
“You’re going to be mine.” 

Once active in the BDSM lifestyle, Myrna Doherty was betrayed by the very man who’d promised to love her and her submissive obedience forever: her husband and Master. When Grant leaves both her and Caelan behind Myrna vows to never allow herself to depend upon any Dom again. She never expects to go back on her vow, but then again she never expects her home to be invaded by Doms and subs for the holidays in the disguise of  her family. 

Panicked at the idea of alienating what little family she has left, she comes up with a plan. She turns to the one man left in the lifestyle she trusts: Amery Alastar, Caelan’s former mentor. She prays that he’ll agree to help ease her back into the now unfamiliar world of BDSM. After all it’s only temporary - until Christmas is over and she can return to her normal life. At least it’s what she tells herself, never realizing Amery has a completely different outcome in mind: he wants her submission and not just temporarily. 

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