Thursday, October 27, 2011

BlogHop4Writers: Oct 27th

QUESTION: Being a writer means that you are also an entrepreneur: have you set business/financial goals for this year and how are you going to achieve them? 

Question provided by author: Clayton Bye

Good question this week, Clayton. Rather than set actual financial goals, I set book goals. This year coming year I want to release 4 books.  That's one every quarter. 

One thing I've noticed with being an author, is that you're only as good as your next release. If you want to sell you have to stay in the spotlight so to speak.  And the best way to do that is  to write consistently (and not make your reader base wait months to years for your next book) and to remember to toot your own horn. With new social medias out there it's very easy to connect with your reader.  I've noticed that when I'm more active with my FB and twitters, my sales do increase. And I'm not talking about promo after promo.  To take what Liz Crowe said in  a recent blog, even commenting on other peeps blogs and making time to write interesting things about your own writing - how you plot or come up with characters are all interesting to the public, it gets the author's image out there - just not your current release. 


  1. So true! And after reading this, my 'last quarter goals' need to be tightened up even more. I've only started with writing, but it's all part of the package - getting a book out each quarter should be my whole goal broken down into how much I write each day etc.

    And yes, even blog comments helps to spread the word.

    Great post!

    Here is my #BlogHop4Writersanswer.