Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Snark: Oct 15th

Once again it's time for a bit of Saturday Snark. This time it's coming from the ever sassy Rena and her volatile relationship with Jackson Lavough, Jude's business partner from Conquering Jude. (But then again what do you expect when you stick a black girl from the Bronx with a good old southern cajun boy?)   This scene takes place in Jude's office when Rena is trying to give her morning report. Enjoy!  And don't forget to comment if you enjoyed it, or to stop by to read the rest of the Saturday Snarks HERE. 
“Morning, Jude, surprised to see you in so early.” Jackson Levough leaned forward and nuzzled the side of Rena’s neck. Standing only a few inches taller than Rena, he had no problem nosing aside the dark red, brown, and gold braids to touch skin. “Hmm, but you, I was certainly expecting to see this morning. Imagine my surprise to find you in my partner’s office instead of mine. If I thought for a second you were avoiding me, cher, I’d be heart-broken.
“More than your heart is gonna be broken if you don’t get your paws off me, white-boy.” She shoved at his arms and wiggled.
Bozka Metjka, better known as Mistress Olivia, has everything she's ever wanted: a successful BDSM club, wonderful friends, and as many horny subs as she wants begging at her feet for the privilege of pleasing her. But now approaching her fortieth birthday, she realizes that something is missing: her Joie de Vivre - and she knows just the man to bring it back – a security consultant, twelve years her junior, who claims there's not a submissive bone in his body. 

While Jude Larson won't deny the effect the little brunette has on him, he's in serious denial of his submissive nature. So what if he deliberately wagers against the lovely Domme in hopes of losing so he can spend a little bit of quality time with her? That doesn't make him submissive does it? All too soon he's going to find out when danger stalks Olivia's club and he's called on to protect the sexy Domme of his dreams from danger.

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