Thursday, October 20, 2011

#BlogHop4Writer's Question: Oct 20th

Thursday, Oct 20th: 
QUESTION: Okay, you want to write, but you can’t. Every time you sit down to it, you freeze or else write badly. Maybe you’ve always been prolific, but suddenly it’s as if the well has dried up. Is it really writer's block? 

Question provided by author:MEGAN JOHNS

Not necessarily - usually for me it's outside factors like stress. I know when I'm under too much strain, I can't give my writing the attention it needs or deserves, simply because my brain is too tired.  I don't call that writer's block, but life.  Taking a hot bath with a good audio book, or curling up in my room with my e-reader for a couple hours and getting a good solid 8 hours of sleep seems to take care of it. I figure if I refuse to label it as Writer's Block it won't happen (but then again I could be in denial.) Basically, I do something for a short period of time before I head back to computer and try to write - it usually does the trick. 


  1. Good explanation. Yes, outside factors can play a huge part. Also, everyone else gets to take time off. The writer seldom does. Even when we're not working at a keyboard, we're making notes or filing things away in our heads. Writers often do need a break but it's extremely hard to take one.

  2. I agree it can be a spurious labeland outside factors are often to blame

  3. Oh! Goodie, I can blame my extremely fruustrating and disuptive summer for weeks of non-production on the writing front! :-)

  4. Yep, you're happens, and sometimes at the most inopportune moment. For me, it mutes the voices in my head and that's when I'm stuck. Good post.