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Summer Sizzlers: Sultry Danger (pt 2)

Content Advisory: the below may contain graphic material of a sexual nature, adult situations, sexual reference, explicit sexual description, and depiction of alternative lifestyles. 

For those of you joining us today, we're picking up where we left poor Sherilyn yesterday.  Unbeknownest to our naughty little submissive, her Master has decided to fulfill her fantasy of being taken against her will, in the least likely of places. Playing along with her devious Master, she's just told him no for the first time and is waiting to see his response to her defiance...
 Yes.” His cock pressed insistently against her lips at the same time he pinched her nose shut. She shook her head as her lungs began to tingle – then she remembered their agreement. No asphyxiation play – it was the one hard limit Master put on this. Her mouth opened. He grunted as he forced his way inside of her mouth. A whimper built in her throat even as she lashed at the hard shaft sliding over her tongue. With his fingers tightening in her hair, he bucked against her face, riding her. The raw fury and lust in his movements sent her own desire soaring.
She reached for him with her hands, but froze at his growl. Oops, bad subbie. No hands during a blowjob…you know better.  Tucking her hands behind her, she hummed in her throat begging for his forgiveness at her slip.
“Son of a bitch.” Hoarse even gritty - his words sounded as if they’d been dragged over five miles of asphalt. “That’s right…suck my cock, bitch. Get it nice and wet, because it’s the only lubricant you’re getting before I sink inside your ass.”
Instead of fear, his words sent anticipation skittering through her. Oh God, please if only…he’s always been so gentle when he’s fucked my ass no matter how much I begged him to ride me raw. It was her deepest and darkest secret: to be taken brutally hard by a strong male – this particular male - and being unable to stop it.
Slobbering all over his cock, she sucked hard, running her tongue over every inch she could reach. It took all her considerable will power to keep her hands behind her especially when he jerked back, his cheeks flushed and his bare chest heaving. When did he lose his shirt? She hungrily took in the broad expanse of tanned skin covering his pecs and washboard abs.
“Get on the bed, ass in the air.” His order would’ve sent her scrambling onto the bed if he hadn’t taken his cock in his own hand. The movement of his fist sliding up and down the thick stalk mesmerized her.
“Now!” He released his dick and made a move toward her. Gasping, she scrambled backwards until her back touched the edge of the bed. She squealed when he yanked her up by the arms and tossed her onto it. If the idea of rolling off the bed on the other side crossed her mind, it was squashed when he pinned her in place on her stomach with his body.
Fighting and bucking, she was thankful her Master was such a strong man. Despite all struggling, he still managed to tie her arms to the headboard. Yanking helplessly on the restraints, a soft moan passed her lips when he hauled her hips up to stuff a pillow under them. Closing her eyes, she imagined what she looked like – her hair disheveled, her blouse untucked and her skirt hoisted up around her waist. The perfect offering to my Master. Heat flared deep inside to match the tingling of her ass as Jeff’s hand landed solidly on the rounded swell.
“I told you I was gonna redden this ass if you fought me.” His hand fell steadily. She bit her lip to keep from crying out for more. “You had to fight me, didn’t you, Pet? You want your man to tie you up and take you by force, don’t you?”
She started to shake her head when another blow landed on her already sore bottom.
“Don’t lie to me.” His warning was harsh. “I’m the one who caught you watching that Deen guy’s movie.”
Her face heated at the memory. She’d been lying in their bedroom stroking her vibrator in and out while watching the porn star forcibly take his leading woman.  Jeff had come home unexpectedly. She’d been so engrossed in the movie and her own approaching orgasm she didn’t hear her Master until it was too late. After he’d ripped the toy out of her and fucked her into a stupor, he’d questioned her about the movie. That’s when she’d admitted her fantasy.
Answer me.”
She cried out as he ripped aside her panties and slid inside her deep and fast. “Yes, Master…please…make me submit.”
“I’m going to.” He yanked out, leaving her pussy feeling achingly empty. A whimper built in her throat. His fingers slid inside, twisted deep before pulling back.
She gasped when he smeared her juices over her tightly furled back entrance then forced what felt like two fingers deep inside of her narrow channel. Oh god, it burns so good. Pressing back against the intruders, she sobbed. “Please, Master, please.”
“Fuck yes.” When he jerked his fingers out, she thrashed under him – well as much as her restraints would allow. “Hold still.” His order fell on deaf ears, but the feel of something larger and spongier than his fingers against her opening had her instinctively stilling.
“Ahhh.” She lowered her head between her arms as the pressure built and the dull burn as her body accepted his.  When he didn’t immediately begin to pound in and out of her as she wanted, a low whine escaped. Bucking back against him, she tried to get him to start the motions she craved.
“Patience – I won’t tear you just to fulfill your fantasy.” The hard Dom tone settled down.
“I’m sorry, Master.” Chewing on the inside of her cheek, she knew she could do nothing more than wait.  The sound of a lid opening was followed by the cool sensation of lube pooling in the crack of her ass. Even in this, he takes care of me.  Tears prickled at the back of her closed eyes.
“Now with that being done…” The thud of the bottle being tossed away was forgotten when his fingers dug into her hips.  “…I’m gonna fuck this ass raw…” he leaned over her. “…just liked I promised.” 
A harsh moan wrenched free of her as he made true on his words. Her world spun wildly as dark and brutal sensations overtook her. The hard rapid friction of his cock rubbing over sensitive inner flesh competed with the heated press of his bare chest against her clothed back. The heavy sound of his breath competed with her faster panting. Her entire body flooded with pleasure. Inside she could feel her climax coming.  A low moan built inside of her.
His stinging slap against her hip made her cry out in surprise. “Not yet, you little slut. You don’t get to come until I say so.”
Shaking her head, she tried to force the approaching pleasure back but it was like trying to hold back a flood with paper towels.  It was coming whether she wanted it to or not. “Master…please…I…I…can’t!” Her scream rang throughout the cabin as a violent, almost painful pleasure shook her, radiating out from their joining until she saw spots. 
“Fuck!”  With a final snap of his hips, her Master exploded filling her ass with his seed before collapsing over her.
For several minutes, it was all she could do to remember to keep breathing. Every nerve was alive and tingling in the aftermath of one of the most intense orgasms she’d ever experienced.
“Are you okay?” Jeff’s voice wasn’t very steady as he rolled off her to collapse at her side.
She nodded. “Mmmm-hmmm…”  Turning her head, she looked into his blue eyes. “Although, I’d have to say it was a stroke of genius on your part to change your looks. You actually had me going there for a moment, Master.”
Reaching above her head, he untied her wrists. “I thought that was the idea, Pet.” He brought each wrist up to the light and examined them before pressing a kiss against each pulse. “Besides, I couldn’t think of a better way to start our first summer vacation kid free.”
Rolling toward him, she pressed her mouth against his heart. “Me either, Master.”
 The End
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