Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Randon Tuesuday {19}: Facebook Takeovers

For Random Tuesday, I thought I'd talk about Facebook Takeovers.  They seem to be as popular now as the Facebook release parties were a few years ago. In fact, I've signed up for two this month if you're interested (the links and dates will be at the end of this post) but for now I just want  to talk about the idea behind them.  

 A quick note for those who've lived under a rock (like me for the past 15 months) the idea is to pair up with another author, blogger, etc, and take over their facebook page to promote your writing, books, newest release - basically anything book related. (At least the ones I've seen.)  

A great tool for marketing, I would assume since it gets your stuff in front of a new audience that hasn't already been super saturated by your newsletter, your own facebook page and group. It's definitely not for the faint of heart though.  It brings back memories of standing in front of the class and giving a speech, but instead of praying that I'm not gonna puke and/or fall on my face, I'm worrying about, oh dear god is anyone even gonna show up?  So it's a bit nerve racking - however, nothing wagered, nothing gained, right? 

So I kinda get what I get out of it, and can see how the other author or blogger would benefit.   After all their viewers get to see new to them authors, and of course some of the die hard readers of the author will show up to interact with the poor lonely takeover host.  Or at least that's my hope.   

With that being said, here's the links and hopefully a few peeps will show up and join me.  

Nov 1st - Brittney's Book Blog - 9:00pm CST  
CLICK HERE to join
Topic: the popularity of menage books

Nov 15th - Writers on the River/Thankful Thursdays - 9:00 PM CST
CLICK HERE to join 
Topic: What Dakota is truly thankful for
WARNING: will either be really gooey with peanut pics or steamy with lots of eye candy...Dakota hasn't decided.

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