Friday, July 10, 2015

Review: Kristen's Addiction by Evangeline Anderson

So when I'm not writing I try to squeeze in a bit of reading - and this week I dived back into one of my favorite genres - paranormal.  Of course one of my go-to authors for this is Evangeline Anderson.  I picked up several of her books, but had a chance to finish Kristen's Addiction (that has to of my favorite yummy things - a sexy a sin vamp and hunky mechanic all rolled into one.)   

Title: Kristen's Addiction
Author: Evangeline Anderson
Length: 134 pages
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Dr. Kristen Johansen is a respected pediatrician. With her sexy plus-sized figure and long blonde hair you’d think she’d have a man. But her demanding career has put her love life on hold, until she’s attacked late one night and becomes an addict—of vampire venom. Now she has no choice but to go out after sundown, offering herself to anyone with fangs who wants a late-night snack. Which is how she runs into Joe, the last person she would have suspected of being a vampire. Blue-collar and hard-core, Joe works as a mechanic and hides his intellect behind his skill with a socket wrench. But what he really longs for is an extra-curvy woman with appetites to match his own. After an explosive sexual encounter, Joe offers Kristen the chance at a cure. But as they work together to find the rogue vampire who attacked her, Kristen begins to wonder if her addiction is turning into love. And whether regaining her old life is worth losing the only man she has ever cared for.


What to say about this book.  Well, other than the fact I fn loved it! Not only was the sex beyond hot, it featured two of my favorite things. (A dark mysterious vamp, and hunky mechanic). Ms. Anderson did an absolutely wonderful job of layering the characters - building them up until all I wanted to do was peel away each one until I got down to their hearts.  

Kristen is absolutely the best conflicted heroine I've read in a long time. She's not whiny in the least bit, meets not only her weaknesses, but her challenges head on.  Whether it's her surprising desire for Joe or the craving for his bite, she refuses to back down, even when there are times she should. 

As for Joe.  I love how much an oxymoron he is. He's a physical man - who loves to work with hands, tinker in the garage, but  at the same time hides an intelligence behind his 'grease monkey' facade.  I even found the idea that he waits until he can no longer resist to feed - making each encounter explosive for both him and his partner. 

Ms. Anderson did a wonderful job of building her alternative world. The idea that there is a hotline that those who need to be bitten are matched up with those who need to bite, just fascinates me.  Add to it the traditions of the challenge Joe presents to the villain of the story, make this a book that is both a mixture of old and new.   

So if you're looking for a great sexy read featuring a rough around the edges vamp and the woman he loves...this book is for you.  I give it a totally awesome five out of five naughty handcuffs. 

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