Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sensual Thursdays {14}: Forbidden Thoughts

So once again, it's Thursday - which means it's time for Sensual Thursday.  And this week, my 200-300 word snippet is coming from the highly revised Chocolate Made Me Do It.  

This book has been so much fun to revisit and what can I say...Zephyrus seduced me all over again with his delicious chocolate. (It has nothing to do with his drool worthy bod - I swear!) 


Zephyr smiled at the sound of his sister laughing as he hung up the phone. Evidently, she’d convinced Annabelle to accept the brownie. Score one for the Raincloud team. 

He didn’t know when tempting Annabelle into taking what she wanted had become his life’s mission. Maybe it had something to do with way she always settled for something, other than what she truly wanted. After watching her deny herself each time she entered his shop, he decided to take action. He refused to watch her drool over his signature brownies, then take a single smaller piece of chocolate, when he knew the only reason she was denying herself was that she thought she was too heavy. 

Hell if she were any sexier, I’d have her bent over the counter while sinking deep inside that luscious body. 

He grimaced as he adjusted the hard-on his thoughts caused before settling behind his desk. Despite his body’s response to her, he was reluctant to do anything more than flirt with Annabelle. She might be beautiful, but she wasn’t for him. Most interracial relationships were doomed for failure – and like his parents before him, he was looking for a mate – a life partner who understood and respected his Navajo ways. 

Not a sexy blonde city girl who makes me hard as a rock.

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