Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Spanking A - Z Challenge: {V}oice

Okay here's the scoop, I've joined the Spanking Challenge A-Z. The idea is to start with A and make your way through the alphabet, a letter a day. So this is how it will work. I will post a new letter each day...except on Saturdays which is already full with two other weekly posts. By the end of the month, I should reach why not join me and root me on?  

A word of warning however...although it's not necessarily supposed to be sexually themed challenge - just an effort to get me blogging more frequently, Livvy may have other ideas.  We all know that rascally muse of mine won't let me get away with posting something mundane or platonic, so don't be surprised if most, if not all my posts have a sexual vibe to them. 

With that being said....lets welcome letter V

Today's blog is all about the voice. I swear a husky voice on the other end of the phone or in the shell of a woman's ear is nearly as sensual as a full on kiss. From whispered nothings to down right raunchy talk, there's a special place in my heart for the smooth talker. 

Today I'm going to feature a couple different snippets from Analise's Journey. 

The first...Analise has gotten into trouble and Liam, the Dom of their triad is taking her in hand. 

“I’m waiting for an answer, Analise.” He reminded her, squeezing her flesh with his hand. “Why did you think it was time to leave?” 
“Because it has been every other time. You train me for however long, say that we are done, and then send me home with nothing more than a kiss on the forehead, Liam. Forgive me if I didn’t think this time would be any different.” She didn’t know what had come over her, but by the time she’d finished answering him, she was pissed. She wanted more than just training from Liam. She wanted what they’d promised. The three of them together, loving one another. 
She hissed as his hand landed again on her bottom. “But I did not say our scene was over, Analise. Just that the training was done for the night. I have plans for this luscious body, while you talk to Grim on the phone.” He leaned in, his lips brushing her ear. “So you can either apologize now and get your punishment out of the way before our phone call, or he can listen to me punish you - instead of listening to your pleas for release.”
“You weren’t sending me home?” She wet her lips, as his long fingers traced the crease of her ass.
“Hell, no. I’m just as horny as you are, and more than that, I am in the mood to tease Grim. I plan on spreading you out on our bed and having you describe to him everything we’re doing. There will be no part of you which won’t feel my teeth, tongue, lips and fingers. Imagine how hot it will be for him since he’s so far away.” His hand left her, after briefly stroking across the closed seam of her pussy lips. “But the choice is yours. We can do that or I can bend you over the foot of the bed and you can count off the swats for Grim.” 

She whimpered. If she had her choice she’d rather have the pleasure than the pain, but she had been bad. She’d purposely ignored his command to stop. “Punish me now, Master.” 

 Then this is from a little bit later in the scene from Grim's POV. Bad Liam for teasing his submissive so...

“I’ve missed you too. I should be on the flight home in the morning, Master.” He dragged the cloth over his chest, brushing the silver nipple rings he’d gotten done for Liam.

“I have someone here who’s missed you just as much, Grim. Say hello to Sir, Analise.”

Grim stilled, his cock filling out ‘til it pressed against the fly of his thin summer underwear.

“Hello, Sir.” Her voice was rough, and it had him wondering what she was doing.

“Analise. How are you?” He pressed his hand against his erection.

“Good, Sir. Recovering from my punishment…but…ah…good.”

His suspicions were roused, as her breathing grew more raspy. “Punishment?”

“Yes….I…made an assumption…and Master corrected me….” Her voice caught in a moan.

“What’s going on?” He picked up the phone, wishing he could see through the device.

“Master…” She gasped, her pleasure evident, then she was gone and Liam was speaking softly.

“We’re going to play a game, inamorato. I’m going to pleasure Analise and she’s going to tell you everything I’m doing. Then if you’re a truly good boy, I’ll have her suck me until we both come. Do you understand?”

He groaned softly his hand squeezing his trapped cock. “Yes, Master.”

Okay enough teasing now. I guess it's time to stop by the rest of the A - Z ers. But not to worry, I'll be back tomorrow with the letter W. 

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