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Wednesday Takeover {16} CJ Baty

 Happy Holidays Peeps!  It's less than two weeks 'til we celebrate the jolly old fat man who circles the globe bringing toys to all good girls and boys....(hmmm which leaves me out right?)  Just kidding. However with the holiday spirit running high, I'm giving other authors the opportunity to take over my blog and celebrate their characters, stories and maybe a few tidbits about themselves! 

With that being said, a new friend of mine (one that I shared a table with at last year's WOTR book signing) has graciously took me up on my offer. Please welcome CJ Baty.  She writes gay mystery romance!  The floor is yours sweetie! 


Thanks, Dakota, for inviting to be on your blog today.

A few months back, I had the brilliant idea to write a series that would mean putting out a novella sized story every month. As a writer, I wanted to prove to myself that I could stay focused and produce a good story every 30 days. As a reader, I wondered just how good the stories could be if she was rushing to write them.

Let me introduce you to the family. Xavier Knight owns the Knights Club and his employees, and their families and partners become his family. Some of them have been with him for years. Like Phillip Hapner, a young genius with number who just happens to be bi. Then there’s Calypso. He’s the good looking black man with a sassy mouth and love of sparkly everything and high heels. The higher the better. There’s Tiny the bouncer who has lots of muscle and a soft soul.

When he opened the club in Atlanta, he needed more staff. Rio Garcia tends bar and has a dislike for anyone in uniform, especially cops. There’s Robbie, Curt and Pixie who also work at the club.
Xavier thought he was too old to find love again and he was content to build a family with the people around him. Then Sebastian Brady walked in looking for a job. With him, he brought the Brady family. A dysfunctional family with a long history of working for the Atlanta PD.

Seb’s father was Captain Delmonico Brady. He the captain over the jurisdiction where the club stands. In the past, he had confrontations with the previous owner and Xavier’s mentor, Stony Whitecastle. Captain Brady was determined to wipe Atlanta clean from homosexual activity. Then there’s Seb’s brothers, Malachi and Zachary, all of them cops; and their younger sister, Katelyn.

It may sound like a cast of hundreds but from the very beginning you will find that it’s a story about family. They may not all be blood related, but their lives are intertwined. And just like a blood family, sometimes things get messy.

Starting Over (Bk 1) Is Xavier and Sebastian’s love story. Age and family can be huge obstacles to overcome to find your HEA.
Letting Go (Bk 2) Calypso wants his own HEA, but can he find it with former gigolo, Benedict Hart. Both men have to let go of past hurts to find true happiness.

Learning Trust (Bk 3) Rio Garcia hated cops and it didn’t matter that Steve Coulter was the hottest man he’d ever laid eyes on. Their chemistry was intense. Steve had always wanted to be a cop, but could he trust Rio to keep his secret.
***Releasing December 18***

Coming Out (Bk 4) Phillip Hapner was a numbers genius but when he gets in too deep with an illegal gambling syndicate, his days are numbered. Malachi Brady isn’t gay. But keeping Phillip Hapner alive was proving to be an issue. He was widely attracted to the blue eyed blond, he just didn’t know what the hell he was doing.
***Coming in January***

Finding Forgiveness (Bk 5) Zach Brady is back and Xavier Knight isn’t happy about it. Zach is looking for forgiveness for past sins. He’s not the only one. Xavier’s been lying to the two most important people in the world to him and Zach knows his secrets.

Happy reading everyone. Remember it’s Love that binds us all.
C.J. Baty

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