Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Random Tuesday {15}: Oh how it grows...

"Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow...."

Okay we all know the nursery rhyme, but I'm here to tell you it's a lot of hard work and dedication. (Not that I'm complaining.) I love to garden.  And that's what's been on my mine this Tuesday. I remember helping my grandmother in her garden, my own mother in hers.  Let's face it - if there's a garden to be found, you will probably find me there.  There's just something about digging in the soil, pulling weeds and seeing plants flourish.  And the fact that my kiddos and I get to eat the rewards of my labor? Well, that's just a bonus.  

With the way I talk you would think that I've been putting in a huge vegetable garden every year, but I've only been doing it for the past few years - and last year was my best year. I had tons of tomatoes, cucumbers and a few peppers.  But it was a big enough success I've expanded my garden this year to include  cucumbers, beans, three different types of peppers, 9 (count them) types of tomatoes and garden onions. One  might thing I'm certifiable.  Who needs nine different types of tomatoes?  

Mr. Stripey Tomato

Ummmm, well I guess that would be me.  Most would even ask are there really that many types? Any yes I can name them all off for you: roma, Sweet 100s, pear tomato, lemon tomato, celebrity tomato, beefsteak, cherry, Mr. Stripes, and chocolate sprinkles. (And yes that last one does exist!)  The peeps at Burbie love me.  I scour the racks looking for tomatoes I've never tried before.  I guess I have an adventurous palate...as well as my kids.  My daughter can't wait to try the chocolate sprinkles one. She's expecting it to taste like chocolate. Don't have the heart to tell her it's probably named that because of the dark spots on it. LOL

Chocolate Sprinkles Hybrid Cherry tomato

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