Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sensual Thrusday {20}: First Impressions

Time once again for Sensual Thursday.  Today's snippet is coming from my current WIP, Benevolent Master. In this snippet we experience our heroine, Alyce's first impression of BDSM club...with Kaleb.

300 Word Snippet: 

As she followed Kaleb into the main demonstration area of the club, Alyce tried to keep from gawking. It was one thing to understand the basic concepts of the lifestyle, and quite another to be in an actual club with real live Dominants and submissives. She took in the bare room with its well-cared for hardwood floors and almost barren walls. Where was the bondage furniture? With only a few overstuffed chairs, several small tables, and a couple settees scattered in a loose semi-circle, the room looked like someone’s family room or den. That is if it hadn’t been for the one focal point in the center of the large open space. Instead of a big screen TV or a pool table, the item was stark in its dramatic simplicity.

Hanging in the center of the room was a thick silver metal hoop. Measuring at least eight to ten inches in diameter, it hung from a double strand of hemp. Her eyes followed the long length of rope, only to find it secured to the thick rafter with what looked like a series of complicated knots. Whoever had hung the ring had obviously wanted to make sure it wouldn't come loose. It made her wonder if tonight's demonstration would have suspension in it. While she'd been drawn to the pure artistry of the erotic bondage, she wasn't sure if she would ever have the patience or trust to allow another to bind her in such a manner.

“Umph...” The muffled sound escaped her as she bumped into Kaleb's back. Damnit, she'd better get her head out of her ass before Kaleb delivered on his promise.

“Whoa, darlin’.” He turned and caught her just seconds before she fell on her butt. “I got you.”

“Thanks. Sorry, Sir. I will do better.” Her cheeks heated. “I've just never been in a club before. It isn't quite what I expected.”

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