Sunday, June 15, 2014

Spanking A - Z Challenge: {M}enages...

Okay here's the scoop, I've joined the Spanking Challenge A-Z. The idea is to start with A and make your way through the alphabet, a letter a day. So this is how it will work. I will post a new letter each day...except on Saturdays which is already full with two other weekly posts. By the end of the month, I should reach why not join me and root me on?  

A word of warning however...although it's not necessarily supposed to be sexually themed challenge - just an effort to get me blogging more frequently, Livvy may have other ideas.  We all know that rascally muse of mine won't let me get away with posting something mundane or platonic, so don't be surprised if most, if not all my posts have a sexual vibe to them. 

With that being said....lets welcome letter M!

So today we're talking about menages.  You know that sexy intertwining of multiple bodies in between the sheets?  Yep it's sexy and naughty and just a bit taboo.  That's probably why it's so popular in erotic romance.  I mean, come on what woman wouldn't like to fantasize about what it would be like to have two hunky men catering to her every sexual wish. 

However, I've noticed with my own writing, that reading it can be much easier than writing it.  As an author of multiple menage books, I still sometimes find myself with independent body parts and improbable if not impossible positions.  I'm surprised at times that my characters don't revolt on me.

As of late I've been working on menage stories. In fact, I just had an all male menage book come out in April and I'm currently working on the edits for a m/m/f paranormal book for Loose ID - so I guess you could say that I have it on the brain.  Don't get me wrong, I love  couples just as much as I do menages, but there's just that something...extra when you add that third partner. And I'm not talking about the extra work for the author in creating another character with their own quirks and issues to overcome before they get their happily ever after.  

A truly gifted author can bring all three characters together in a way that is truly believable and will have the reader rooting for all three of them to figure it out so they can have their HEA.  Below are a few of my favorite menage books.  And if you can think of any others that really rocked your world - tell me!  I love to read menage and am always on the look out for more!   

Dakota's Favorite Menage read! 

Anything from Shayla Black and Lexi Blake's Masters of Menage (aka Virgin) Series. I've read each and every one in the series already. Although, Their Virgin Princess holds a special place in my heart! Now I'm just waiting impatiently for them to bring out another!   

While Eliza Gayle doesn't write just menage, she has on occasion combined menage and sizzling BDSM.  Such is the case in Roped, Book 1 of her Purgatory Series.  I about passed out from pleasure when Katie gave over to her hunky rope riggers, Leo and Quinn. YUM!

And one last favorite....Eve Langlais's Freakin Human series.These books hit all of it for me. Not only are they menage, they also have sexy ass shifters who aren't above moving heaven and earth for their mate. Delicate and Freakin' is the first book in the series, and I was hooked the first page. This series is an auto-buy for me. I don't even bother reading the blurb. I just hit BUY and then devour it. 

And of course I'd be remiss if I didn't gently poke you to remind you to stop by the rest of the wonderful peeps who are doing the Spanking A-Z challenge.  So go check em out!

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