Saturday, April 5, 2014

Seductive Studs & Sirens {14}: Such a teasing bastard...

Once again it's time for a bit of Seductive Studs and Sirens. My snippet is coming from Chapter 23 of my mmm bdsm novel Healing Hark.   Enjoy the snippet and the lovely picture of male shibari bondage...yum. 

Bryan stilled for a moment, before a raw groan ripped free of him.  "Oh, God, Master - please!" His arms pulling hard on the cuffs holding him to the padded bench. 
Diachi chuckled softly as he continued to tease and torment Bryan’s body. As muscles seem to dance under the flicking strands, Diahci idly wondered what Hark would think of the scene when he joined them.  He could only hope the man would find the sight of Bryan spread across the bench with rope decorating his body to be pure temptation - gods knew he did.
From the top of his head to his toes, their sub was an exquisite master piece of toned muscles, tanned skin and rope.  The traditional diamonds of the shibari rope harness was a favorite of his – one he wanted to introduce Hark to.  The thought of his koibito’s large body wrapped in such a way, was more than enough to make Diachi salivate.  And to have them both bound together during my planned scene at the club – nirvana.   But now wasn't the time to think about the demonstration that he'd worked out with Mistress Olivia.  

Found this little piece of deliciousness on the web. 
All I can say is Mr. Vishnykov is a very talented man. 

Walking Out On You by Andrei Vishnyakov*

* I do NOT own this picture. It is copyrighted and owned by Andrei Vishnyakov as part of his portfolio, but can be bought by clicking on his name.

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  1. You know I love Hark, Bryan and Diachi but this piece of deliciousness....Yummy!

  2. Your character's not the only one getting warmed up hon....

  3. Nice snippet! I'd love to watch the scene he's thinking about too.