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A Visit from His Just Dessert’s Men: Part II (& Giveaway)

"Whew! Looks like I managed for once to keep my blog all to myself! Well sorta.  Today I have as my yummy guest, Sean Whitcomb, one of the two sexy men from His Just Desserts, a sexy m/m foodie romance from Decadent with me, but he doesn't count." *crickets* "Now before you go getting all huffy, you have to understand. I have one of the bossiest, most annoying muses out there. Don't believe me?" I point up at the toolbar* "Click on the little Fan thing.  Livvy has her own playroom on my site - she that's demanding." 

*more crickets* 

"Anyway, Sean will be arriving any second to join us. I swear it took a crow bar to separate him from his sexy chef, but I managed it. Though Lord knows what type of penanace I'll have to pay to Isaiah for saddling him with Livvy over at Sexy Erotic Xciting Reviews." I tried to look innocent. "Poor Evelise doesn't know what she was in for when she said she'd host me today."  *taps chin* "Well maybe she did. Livvy has been spotted more than once on her site."  *leans in* Personally I think Evelise is a glutton for punishiment...or perhaps she just gets a kick out of Livvy's antics. Wonder if I can trade her muses for awhile....opps I digress.  I have a very short attention span at times."

"I'll say." The smooth voice behind me has me turning.  

"Sean! You made it!"  I smile as tall, blond and yummy walks into the room.  "God, if I weren't a married woman I'd be all over you."  

Coming to stop next to me, he archs a brow at me. 

"Relax, I know that will never happen.  Not only am I married to a wonderful man, but Sean, here is one of the most arrogant and complex characters I've ever created and he bats for the other team. That's right ladies, Mr. Lawyer Extrordinary, is not only gay but very taken." I pat his shoulder as he blushes. "And you know what? I couldn't be prouder of him.  He may have made a few mistakes..."

"I already made ammends for those, Dakota."  Sean growled.  "And Isaiah even forgave me..." 

"Shhh! I'm talking here." *Glares at Sean, who immediately shut his mouth* "Smart man. As I was saying, lover boy here may have made a few mistakes but I will say he's quite inventive on the way he begs for forgiveness.  I don't think I've known a man to go to such lenghs to win the prize and get his man."   

"Speaking of man...did you honestly have to send Isaiah off when Livvy? We're on our honeymoon for heaven's sake. We just got married." 

*I froze*  "That's awesome! Congratulations! Why didn't you guys say something?"  

A smirk crossed his face. "After what you wrote, did you honestly expect anything different?" 

I couldn't help but give him a quick hug. "I'm sooo happy for you. Happy enough in fact, that I'll be merciful and we'll get to the giveaway and excerpt." 

"There's an excerpt below for your reading enjoyment and to enter for a chance to win a free copy of this book, comment below with your name and email address and do the same over at Sexy Erotic Xciting Reviews. I'll be randomly selecting a winner on Saturday. Enjoy!" *turns to Sean* "Now lets leave the readers to this and go rescue Isaiah from Livvy." 

A beautiful smile crossed Sean's face. "Sounds like a plan I can get behind."

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Sean wiped his hands on the towel around his waist when the doorbell rang. Leaving the kitchen to answer the front door, he rolled his shoulders. He’d just finished peeling the last potato and managed to not slice his finger off, but if his sexy chef kept his end of the bargain, it would be worth the effort. It had been several years since he’d done the requested task, but at least he’d had plenty of experience with it. Mrs. G. hadn’t allowed any slackers in her kitchen, and potato peeling had become the chore of choice when she’d realized his lack of cooking skills. “Coming,” he called as the bell rang again. He jerked the door open. Isaiah stepped into the hallway, a black backpack over one shoulder, his arms laden with two paper sacks.

“I thought we did all the shopping yesterday.” Sean took one from him.

Isaiah wrapped his free arm around him, sealing their mouths together in a quick kiss. Sean was breathing faster when the other man finally lifted his head. “I know, but along with a batch of Ros’s dinner rolls he managed to squeeze in, I had to pick up the dark rum for the Bananas Foster. Also I made a stop at the Gallery.”

A low groan escaped him at the mention of one of the premier adult stores in the Greater Des Moines area. “Dare I ask how picking up rum led to a trip there?”

Isaiah chuckled and nipped his ear. “Let’s just say I have my own fantasies, so after I stopped at the liquor store, I made a pit stop to pick you up…that.” He gestured to the small bag in Sean’s hands.

Opening it, he peeked inside. In its shrink-wrapped package, the bright purple toy matched what he’d imagined during yesterday’s fantasy. He fumbled the sack, crinkling the brown paper between his fingers.

Isaiah chuckled, stepping back. “Now why don’t you go put that in your room, unless you want to greet your guests with your ass full?”

His cock stirred behind his zipper. He closed the bag. Even though he’d never been on the receiving end of anal sex, the idea of greeting his bosses with a plug up his ass stroked his libido. Perhaps if this weekend went well, Isaiah might slip Sean’s plug inside him Monday morning. The idea of sitting behind his desk, waiting for Isaiah’s call, teased him. It would have to be between clients, but he could see himself jerking off on command. His baby would be talking dirty to him, calling him a pleasure slut, and telling him he had to hold off until he gave him permission. Was Isaiah evil enough to draw it out until mere minutes before his next client showed up, then order him to come all over the desk calendar?

“Earth to Sean. Earth to Sean.”

He snapped out of his erotic musings. Opening his eyes to stare down at the man wanting his attention, he took a deep breath.

A smirk crossed Isaiah’s face. “I don’t want to know what just crossed your mind. Something hot, if I had to guess, and if you tell me, I’ll end up bending you over the table to fuck you senseless.” Isaiah shifted, breaking the sensual tension. Then he turned and walked down the short hall to the kitchen. 
©Dakota Trace All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.

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