Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Grand Prize Revealed for Gabriel's Light Book Tour

Well the release of my book, Gabriel's Light is just around the corner, and I've finally gotten everything together for my Grand  Prize for my Book Tour.  Speaking of which, I have a few more dates still available if anyone wants to host me. (I promise it will be painless. I'll send you everything you need. All you have to do is post it.)  Check after the goodies section for the schedule, and if you can help me fill the remaining days that would be great! 

Okay, so before Livvy takes off on this book tour on Friday, I've managed to pry some very important details on the prizes and where she's going to be.  And let me tell you this took some serious bribing. The wench hit me up for a whole bag of peanut butter cups before she'd spill. 

So what do you, the reader, need to know about the blog tour? Well, Livvy and some of the other characters from my Doms of Chicago world will be visiting the various blogs on the tour - one per day, talking about Gabriel and Zhenya's tale, answering random questions, and even getting into mischief if I know my Livvy.  (I worry about poor Lucian over at The Wicked Muse Tavern - feel she's going to be trouble for him - or is that me? *shudders*) But more importantly than her trouble-making ways is what  YOU, the reader, gets out of this book tour.  Well prizes of course, since Livvy never arrives anywhere empty handed. 

And it isn't hard to enter to win.  Just make sure to leave a comment (with your email address) on the blog to be not only entered to win the grand prize,  but also the daily prizes - because for each stop, I'll - I mean Livvy will be giving away a free e-copy of one of the books in the Doms of Chicago Series. (For instance, if Nisey shows up with my muse at her first stop...her book, Nisey's Awakening will be the daily prize, and so on and so forth).   I don't totally know what Livvy has planned...not sure if I want to know, but she'll be arriving either solo or with a guest in tow to each stop, while I'm away chaperoning my son's band trip to Orlando. (Lucky wench, she has all the fun! I think I should send her to help chaperon 140 kids)  But what I bet you're really wanting to know is what is the Grand Prize? 

Well, I suppose I've left you in suspense long enough:  

This is Gabriel's play basket from Gabriel's Light and while he loves sensation play, most of these items have everyday uses! Everything is here as described in the book (well with one minor alteration: Dakota isn't an aromatherapy expert who knows how to blend a few drops of ginger into the Aphrodisian Fire Massage Oil and not ruin it. Not to worry however, it does smell divine - I bought an extra bottle for myself.) 

So what's included:

Well we have:

The massage oil: which is a blend of sweet almond oil, pressed avacado oil, vitamin E, sandalwood, patchouli, moroccan rose and ylang ylang.  This is great for massaging your significant other or merely as a moisturizer for your own skin.  *beware it might have a member of the opposite sex jumping you* (or so the site says.)

Three  taper candles: unscented of course - perfect for the romantic evening.

Three pillar candles:  also unscented but great for using around the tub while soaking.

A bottle of Suave Naturals Everlasting Sunshine Lotion: one of the most divine smelling lotions, I've found in quite sometime.  Inexpensive and good smelling - who doesn't love that?

A Black Scarf:  It can be used for more than a blindfold or to restrain, it also can be used as a regular accessory.

and of course I can't forget the last item. It's that shiny silver thing.  What is it you ask? 

A Wartenberg  Pinwheel:  (and it's the one item that probably doesn't have an everyday use...but I had to include it,...well just because *smiles* ) And I can already hear the questions. What is a Wartenberg pinwheel?

According to Wikipedia it's "a medical device for neurological use. It was originally designed by Robert Wartenberg to test nerve reactions (sensitivity) as it rolled systematically across the skin." I've also heard it can be used in some massage parlors but I'm not sure if it actually is or not.  But in the BDSM world it is a major player in sensation play. 

So there you have it. Opps. Livvy just informed me that there will also be a print version of Gabriel's Light included in this basket. (Generous wench that she is.) And she's reminding me I need to tell you about the basket it's in. (Pushy, too)   Below is a picture of the actual basket, which you can't see because of the scarf. It's black and has an easy to clean inside, along with silver eyelets which allow easy carrying. 

Okay what else am I forgetting to cover. *Glares at Livvy*
Oh, yeah the tour dates.  Remember if you'd like to help me out and fill in the last three dates, that would be wonderful. If not I  - I mean Livvy looks forward to seeing you at the stops.

Scheduled Stops:

March 8th - Ellie Dunn
March 9th - Kharisma Rhayne
March 10th - ParaSuperNormalism
March 14th- Rawyaerotica
March 15th- Sexy Erotic Reviews 
March 18th- Belle's Book Bag
March 20th-  Melissa Mackinnon
March 22nd- Dakota Trace

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