Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday {1} - Irresistable

Okay, this is a new venture to me but it looks fun, so  I thought I'd give it a whirl.  This is even more of a struggle for me than even the Flash 52 and Saturday AfterDark  Moments. With only 200 words based on a picture,  it's a challenge and for this week, I'm using a picture I had an opportunity to  work on a couple weeks ago when I created a cover for a fellow m/m author, Michael Mandrake.  So special thanks to him for allowing me to use it for my first post and in honor of that I'm doing a m/m flash for my first contribution.


Tantalizing Tuesday: Irresistible

Entering our private pool, I stopped in my tracks, my cock stirring at the sight before me. Lying naked as only he could on the white beach towel, Paulo opened his eyes. The need shining in them beaconed me forward. I nearly stumbled as he slowly trailed his fingers across the smooth glassy surface of the water, causing it to ripple. 

“Come to me, mi amor.” He sat up with a sensual grace that never failed to get me going. Shedding the robe I’d worn to cover my own nudity, I decided I couldn’t wait to skirt the Olympic Size pool we’d put in for his training. Diving into the crystal blue depths, I stroked across the pool, thankful I’d been doing laps with him since he moved in. When I broke the surface, I came face to face with him, his legs dangling over the ledge, and his hard-on inches from my nose as he idly ran his hand up and down its length. 

“You want it?” He released himself. 

I nodded, inching forward, eager to taste his unique flavor – to feel him against my tongue. 

“Then take me. It’s yours as always, Luis.” 

I moaned, sucking him deep.

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  1. That was beautifully erotic. Welcome to the group!

  2. Very Spicy. I didn't realize you were doing Flash 52. I dropped out and moved my pictures to Saturdays instead. Just didn't feel connected to the group like I do with these.

  3. Thanks Paloma.

    And yep, I do them, Angelica. I went around the first couple of weeks. But life has a way of interfering. I still enjoy doing them, and I'm putting together a an anthology of flash for publication later this year. And doing flash stretches me as a writer. I'm a chatty cathy when it comes to my writing. I'll have to stop by on Saturday's to check yours out. I do AfterDark Moments on Saturdays as well.


  4. Holy smokes! Welcome to Tantalizing Tuesdays. I truly admire your work. You have a unique style I truly enjoy.
    Awesome teaser Dakota!

  5. Oh you'll do very well here, Dakota. You caught the pov so very well along with the inexorable draw of the lustful encounter. More please.

  6. So erotic. You brought both longing and romantic together excellently with perfect visuals. Great tease