Thursday, January 3, 2013

Marketing Goals?

Okay yesterday I spoke of my goals for publication for this year, but I absolutely dreaded this topic when I saw it on my list of topics. (Thanks K, for giving me one which I have absolutely no idea how to tackle.)  I'm a writer not an agent or even a promo guru.  I don't know for sure what works, and what doesn't.

So I need to figure out exactly what it is that works. *looks around for Kharisma*  Maybe she has some ideas! 

Now as far as what I've done in the past?  Well I've done chats, I've done blog hops, I've even given away Kindles! Has it helped my sales?  Honestly I'm not sure. This last year, however I did try one new thing that I'm sure I'm going to try again as I'm working on my series.  While writing Temporary Master I posted tidbits on my Doms of Napa Valley's facebook page.  Did it boost sales? Well that's still left to be seen. I do know the readers seemed to enjoy it, so I think I will do it again as I write Gabriel's Light.  

So I guess part of the marketing thing is actual goals for social media?  Well I guess I can figure those out. Right now these are my stats and what I'd hope to reach by the end of 2013.  We'll see how it goes! 

Facebook Friends:  572 - by end of year: 600?
Facebook Author Page Likes: 143 - by end of year: 200
Doms of Chicago Facebook Page: 41 - by end of year: 70
Doms of Napa Valley Facebook Page: 92 - by end of year: 120
Wolfen Prophesies Facebook Page: 59 - by end of year: 80
Twitter Followers: 341 - by end of year 400.

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