Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sultry 69 {1}

This is my first week participating in this new addition to BDSM Confessions. With that being said, I thought I'd share 69 words from my current WIP, Her Wolfen Destiny. This scene is during the claiming scene of Matthias, my uber Alpha male.  His mates have turned the tables on him to say the least...Enjoy!

Spreading her thighs, she crooked her finger at him or rather both of them, since Andy was buried deep inside him.
“Come here, mates.”
He hissed as Andy moved them forward, each shuffle sending more pleasure through Matthias until he was going to come before he could claim Colleen. As if knowing his thoughts, she arched a brow at him, wrapping her fist around him tightly, forestalling his orgasm.

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