Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Snippets #4

Another Sunday, another snippet to share along with my friends at RLJ.  So be sure to stop by HERE to find out what they have to tempt you with. As I've finished one of my WIP,  this will be the last tidbit you'll get from Her Wolfen Destiny until it comes out, but please enjoy! 

Pushing open the door to Emma’s room, he found her curled up on her bed wearing nothing more than a shift.  Nevin hadn’t needed to worry.  His mate hadn’t fled anywhere.  Shoving the broken door shut behind him. He hefted the chest of drawers up against it. He didn’t want anyone to interrupt them.   Shedding the tattered remnants of his clothing, he rounded the corner of bed.  Sitting down on the edge, he let his hand touch his mate’s hip.  
“Emma, sweetheart, I’m sorry…” He’d spoken the words softly, intending on apologizing for the events leading up to her parents death before convincing her to give him another chance but was shocked speechless when she sprung on him, knocking him to the floor. Instead of tears and recriminations, he had a pissed off mate on his hands.  Straddling his torso she used her weight to pin his shoulders to the floor. His face was mere inches from her barely covered mound he couldn’t smell himself any longer but the tantalizing scent of cinnamon and vanilla had his mouth salivating at the idea of tasting her.  Then her words jerked him out of his lust-dazed thoughts.
“Don’t you even go there, Braden Donnghal. You’re not the least bit sorry for what you did.  It’s only because of your wolf that we’re joined at all.”  Her accusation settled over him, pissing him off even as he understood where her anger was coming from. He had been cruel.

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