Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Snippets #2

Okay  it's time for my second edition of Sunday Snippets. This week it's another snippet from my Wolfen Series.   This is after a blow up between Braden and Emma and to make matters worse Emma's mother overheard it.  Enjoy!  And don't forget to stop back HERE to enjoy the rest of the snippets.

Braden walked into the study where everything had started - where Emma had marked him with her claws and teeth. Even now his cock throbbed at the idea of her doing it again and again. He knew what he’d done upstairs was for the best even if it had been cruel, but it still didn’t change the fact that she’d be better suited to Angus’s station in life. If he’d lost his head, she’d have become an Outcast like his mother, with no one to depend upon in her darkest hour – no one to protect her when things went from sugar to shit, as they were known to do.
Heading to the bar, he was pouring a finger of whiskey when he heard the light step of a woman’s tread and a familiar scent. He braced himself to find Emma, but as he turned around, it wasn’t Emma. It was her mother. Dammit! I don’t need this! Looking so much like the girl he’d just left, his chest burned. He was seeing what Emma would look like in thirty years - silvering hair with vivid blue eyes. Still gently rounded but fit with an iron-clad backbone. Emma would rule her pack with a velvet-covered fist and her clan would love her for it.
“Would you like some, Alpha’s Mate?” He tipped his head towards the several half-full decanters of liquors.
“Has it helped sooth your conscience?” She glided further into the room, evidently unaware of the danger he represented. She joined him by the wet bar. “You tore my daughter to shreds.”
His fingers tightened around the glass he was holding, uncomfortable with discussing his lovemaking with the woman’s daughter. “I was gentle as I could be, but there will always be pain when a virgin gives up her maidenhead.”
Marie poured herself a bit of sherry. “I wasn’t talking about your mounting my daughter on the path outside my home.” She lifted the glass to her mouth. “You’re lucky that I was the one to overhear the words you spoke to Emma. If it had been her father…” gave a mocking smile as she took a sip. “…lets just say you’d have made a wonderful addition to our rug collection.”
Heat filled his face as he caught her meaning. She’d overheard his conversation with Emma. He wanted to groan but knew he had to brazen it out. He couldn’t show weakness in front of these people.
“So this is what is going to happen. You will not be marrying her by proxy tomorrow. I will not have you throw what my daughter cannot help in her face. She will also have her maid and two of my pack travel with her to Edinburgh, now that I realize how tarnished your honor towards her has become. You will not get near her again until after she has safely wed your Alpha. Perhaps by then her “foolish little girl notion of loving you” will have faded.”
“Is that all?” he asked clenching his jaw against fury. Never before had his honor been called into question in such a way, and if it hadn’t been for the fact she was right, he’d have taken her to task for her words.
“For now, yes.” She set down the half empty glass. “I’d like to say I look forward to seeing you in the morning, but I honestly can’t. I wish my husband had never let you into our midst.” She turned and left the room. Slumping against the bar, he rubbed the bridge of his nose. How had his life gotten this fucked up? All he’d been trying to do was the right thing. 


  1. You are so talented, Dakota! Always love reading your excerpts.

  2. Wolfen series? I'm going to have to read more about these Wolfens.

    Well done on the excerpt, Dakota. Loved it!