Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Snog: Jacob and Eri

This week's snog comes from my first M/M book Ace's Desire. Set during the occupation of Okinawa after WWII, these star crossed lovers shouldn't have a chance in hell but love has it's ways. Meet Jacob, a Tuskegee Airman and Eri, his lover - an Okinawan sugar cane farmer.  Then don't forget to stop back at Vicitoria's site to check out the rest of the snoggers! :D 

Desire boiled in Jacob's veins as he submitted. “You don’t play fair. One memory,” he promised as he threaded his fingers through Eri’s hair. The man gave a relieved gasp. “Kiss me. I need to know how you taste.” Pulling him closer, Jacob slanted his mouth over his lover’s, groaning at the unique flavor. His head swum with it. Parting Eri's lips with a smooth thrust of his tongue, he explored with greed, searching out more.

Against his mouth Eri moaned, his fingers digging into Jacob's shoulders. God he tastes so good. Wrapping his hands around the smaller man's waist, he lifted Eri so he could straddle his hips. Feels so good. As Eri settled over him, Jacob bucked involuntary at the feel of the muscular cloth-covered ass pressed against his cock. More than anything he wanted inside its tight grip. The thought had him close to spilling. 

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