Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Random Tuesday {18}: Rebranding

So here's a random idea...rebranding. As a reader, a consumer, do you like it? Or just wish that companies would leave that crap alone.  After the failed rebranding of the GAP and (shudders) the New Coke...one could make that argument that we should just leave well enough alone, but me...I like new shiny sparkly things.  And considering I've never really had a specific brand, I thought why not give it a shot.  The worst that could happen is that I wasted my time and money, right? 

Anyway, the idea of rebranding came up after a signing I had at one of my local bookstores, M & M Bookstore, and a conversation I had with one of the P.A.'s that attended.  She was curious to see what kind of swag I was interested in (since I pretty much wiped out all my swag during this last season's book signings) and she said she could put logo's on just about anything.  Well, I didn't have a logo. (at least at the time, I didn't)  I even tossed around the idea of paying her or someone to create me one, then said what the hell, I have a graphics design degree - use it.   Of course the hardest thing to  decide on is what do I want to represent my brand?  I write in a variety genres, but it seems no matter what, my kink slides into the story.   So I came up with this idea of cuffs shaped like hearts...which you may have noticed is now plastered all over my website, my blog, hell even my facebook page.  

Now that I've decided on this logo - for better or worse,  now comes the lengthy process of reprinting everything from my business cards, to most of my promotional swag.  I've already contacted my normal lady about doing these really cool poker chips with my logo on them for signings and I have decided upon doing new key chains for next year as well.  Either way, I'm hoping it all turns out for the best.  In fact, here's a sneak peek at my new business card.

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