Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sensual Thursday {21}: Turning the Tables

Time once again for Sensual Thursday.  Today's snippet is not coming from Benevolent Master or Trust...instead it's coming from a short story that I'm working on to sub to anthology.  (Someone seriously needs to talk to my muse...she's got me working on five different stories at the lie!)  

Anyway...this snippet features the lovely Wilhelmina (Mina to most of her friends) and her sexy fiancé, Ezra.  She has just made the mistake of trying to seduce him, and of course being the dominant man that he is...he's turned the tables on her.


“Lose the robe.” His hands went to the button down shirt he wore. It took very little time to slip the discs free from their moorings and to shrug out of the offending material.   

His sweet fiancé stared at him with wide eyes, her gaze devouring him as he continued to disrobe. It took less than ten seconds to kick off his dress shoes, and only a few minutes longer to strip off his belt and socks.  

“I believe I asked you to do something, Wilhelmina.” 

“No.” She crossed her arms over her chest, her lower lip set defiantly. “Not until you turn the light off.” 

Amusement mingled with his rising lust at her act. Did she honestly think, he’d let her get away with teasing him as she had in the kitchen, then allow her to back out because he’d startled her with the depth of his desire?

Fat chance. 
He reached for the button on his slacks, but felt it would only be fair to warn her one last time. “You’ve got less than thirty seconds to lose it, or I will find another use for it.”

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  1. Hot as always, D! Loving it and you! Hugs!!

    1. Thanks Amy. My writing time has been severely limited as of I'm enjoying what little time I do get to write.